September 23, 2017

Are you waiting to be "good" with women before Attempting to Meet Any?

One common concern I have gotten from guys who are working to have more power and choice in their interactions with women is that they don’t think they are “ready” to meet women yet. Or they keep opening or attempting to learn “the skills” without continuing to escalate the interaction toward what they want. This article gives some excellent insight into this. Here is an excerpt.

“Most smart people want to make a BIG difference. But they don’t think they are ready to take that plunge to live their dream. They don’t want to raise the stakes (by quitting their job, investing in something, joining a movement) yet until they are ready. They keep discovering that something else needs to happen before they raise the stakes. The more they wait, the higher their current obligations making it more complicated to raise the stakes. So on one end, they keep discovering that there is so much more to know “before they are ready” to take the plunge and on the other end, the stakes are low for them to take any action to make a change.”

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