May 27, 2018

Benefits of working with wingwomen

Another new benefit being offered in my coaching program is the addition of women to help coach and advise you. If you have gone out to meet women with wingwomen at your side before, you know how helpful it can be. And if you haven’t already found yourself imagining the fun you will have opening women with wingwomen at your side, here are a few of the benefits.

• Get a strong, yet feminine woman’s insight on how to, identify which women are most open to your advance and how to approach them.
• Someone to talk and flirt with you to get you warmed up and past any nervousness before initiating the conversation.
• Learn what a woman notices about how you come across before approaching. Sometimes the slightest insight can make a big difference.
• Social proof, women notice men that are already there with other women, this makes approaching women seem more natural and comfortable to them.
• A woman to help you open groups or open groups for you and bring you into the conversation naturally and easily as someone they know.
• Have a woman’s insight and observation about a woman you are interested in before you approach her.
• Have real time feedback available after your approach (if you don’t spend the whole night talking to the woman you pick up or take her home on the spot).

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