May 27, 2018

Brad P in Washington, DC June 8 and The Attraction Vault present Brad P in Washington, DC!

In 2009, Brad skyrocketed straight to the top spot on the list to claim #1 PUA in The World, above greats like Mystery, Matador, and Style.

Brad is famous for his fast sexual escalation and his reputation for regularly having sex with girls quickly and without resistance. Growing up in Queens, NY, Brad is a New York native and a self-taught guru who picked up tips and tricks from his friends in his effort to become a seriously skilled player in the game.

This is Brad’s first time in Washington, DC in almost 2 years and as his popularity expands, his public appearances may diminish. This may be one of the last chances to see Brad live. Read more on Brad P’s website
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About Brad P.
The legendary Brad P. began his journey to mastery in 2004
by spending 7 days a week going out meeting women and learning from the
greatest Naturals ever to walk the earth. Already being an expert in psychology
and philosophy, he quickly developed a reliable, repeatable method for meeting,
attracting, seducing, and dating top tier women anywhere his travels took him.

By 2005, word of Brad’s success had spread so quickly, that
he began teaching “The Underground Dating Seminar” in the top floor
of a pizza place in New York City.
After only a few weeks of classes, the good news was spreading faster still and
men would travel from hundreds of miles away to attend the seminars. From these
humble beginnings, a movement took root that would reach far corners of the

In 2006, Brad was discovered by “The Seduction
Community” and gave lectures at the “Cliff’s List Convention.”
He would later be interviewed by other seduction community legends such as
David DeAngelo, The Mystery Method, Pickup 101, and David Shade.

Brad soon added more coaches to the roster and made his
teaching available worldwide on audio CDs. We’re pleased to report that Brad’s
seminars CDs have been ordered and listened to in over 100 countries.

As the body of dating and seduction literature has continued
to mature, Brad has turned his attention to developing the most efficient and
effective methods for teaching men to succeed with women. In his latest report
on the state of dating literature, Brad states:
“The race to come up with the best system for picking
up women is over. It’s been over for years. In the year 2010, there exists a
multitude of internally consistent systems for seducing and dating women. The
problem is that most of the men who apply these methods don’t have the
intangibles to implement them. The real challenge is to create a teaching
method that empowers the student with intangibles within a realistic time
frame. It shouldn’t take 4 years to become proficient in dating and seduction.
This is unacceptable. In 2008, I will release a new curriculum that will make
men proficient in dating and seduction in 12 months or less. This is my

This talk will include:

– Brad’s journey from unknown to being rated #1 PUA in the world on every poll on the internet
– Brand new teaching innovations to blast your game off ASAP
– A viewing of Brad’s in field video, which will only be seen 5 times, all in person, and never on the internet
– Watch brad coach lair members through their game problems on the spot.
– Bring your questions on ANY TOPIC IMAGINABLE

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