May 27, 2018

Erotic Story: An Autumn Ride

Here is one of more popular erotic stories that I first wrote 7 years ago as part of my online seduction strategy. Since that time it has been edited with feedback from various women and acted out a couple of times. Feedback is always appreciated. AnĀ AutumnĀ Ride She was a woman on a mission, determined to […]

Erotic Story: Office Christmas Party

Here is a story I wrote a couple of years ago when I worked at a well-known management consulting firm. Erotic stories like this one are something you can send to a woman who you are attracted to as one way to build up the sexual excitement before the next time you meet. The office […]

Pickup Artist Story: Speed Dating Leads to a Speedy Seduction

This is a story about how I picked up a woman from a Speed Dating event in May 2010. I talked to her in person for about 20 minutes, continued the conversation by text message and had her meet me at my place later that night. While these stories are fun, they are also meant […]