May 27, 2018

Course Review: Coaching Program

Course Review: Magellan, a Biochemist in his 30s This one’s long overdue. I’ve taken a few rounds of QuickKill’s program and I can’t say enough good things about it. I first signed on for the program for the very simple reason that I felt that my game had reached a plateau and that I needed […]

Divorced single father

“I think the coaching program is appropriate for almost all levels of skill – I would say that people in my cohort ranged from beginner to fairly advanced and all seemed to get value from program” Michael has a passion for the subject and is a ego-less Guru of pickup, he has a quick mind and is a cool guy to boot.

IT Sales Professional in his late 20s

“Overall [Michael] is very focused on the student and makes himself available beyond what is initially designated. If you are willing to put the work in and do the homework and ask a lot of questions you can get a lot out of the course!!!”

Lost his virginity

“I’m a 22 year old graduate student in the Washington, DC area who is no longer a virgin after taking Michael’s coaching program. […] I got massive results. Keep this in mind, this is my first time actually doing it. […] He honestly is going out there with you, at your side or discretely watching you in action as you apply what he teaches to meet women”