May 27, 2018

DC Dating advice: How to answer what do you do?

Knowing what to talk about on a date and how to start the conversation can be a challenge for many people. It is also one of the main reasons people work with me as a dating coach. In Washington, DC the question “what to you do” inevitably comes up in a conversation. So how do you deal with this so you can have a great conversation and really connect with someone new? Here are some quick tips to answer this question in a way that is fun and leads to a more interesting conversation so that you date can turn into much more!

Text Messaging for dating: 7 tips to be playful and engaging

The following article about text messages comes from an excerpt from my book Become That Guy: Become Irresistibly Attractive and also covers principles that are demonstrated in my field reports and in my seminar on text messaging. Why should you use text messages? Since it can often be hard to reach someone on the phone, […]

It’s a game of give and take

  It’s a game of give and take – give someone the opportunity to give so they can get to like you Perhaps you have heard the song “You Can’t Hurry Love”  originally by The Supremes.  “It’s a game of give and take.” I wondered. A dilemma in dating and in life is that often […]

Online Dating tips from a woman sex blogger in DC

The following online dating tips are from a blog by Drama in DC who I met on Ok Cupid. Here is her story of how we met: The Dating Coach. We later went on to become good friends with benefits and she helped me when I went out to coach guys infield and online dating […]

Women like men who are already with women: 4 reasons why

  Q: I’m a single guy in his late 20s. Recently I have been having great success using what I learned from you to generate all kinds of interest with women and have an abundant sex life with women I’m really attracted to.  However I’m having fun right now just being single and am not […]

How to have sex in public places – Advice Podcast

This question is from someone who wants to know how to have sex in public places and outside without getting caught. Click here to listen to the podcast on How to sex in public places and not get caught, or at least not get arrested.

Why Traditional Dating is inauthentic

There are many cultural expectations that contribute to how we think we are supposed to act when it comes to meeting someone of the opposite sex. However traditional dating as a way for men and women to connect with each other puts people in the position of having to be inauthentic.   What do we […]

Michael Hurst Interview with Darius Kamadeva

Michael Hurst recently did an interview with Darius Kamadeva of Kamadeva Seduction Coaching in Germany.  The hour long interview includes many practical tips for meeting women in a way that is very direct and authentic.  Michael discusses his overall philosophy for men’s beliefs toward women and dating that he has over the last 11 years […]

No Strings Attached: How to Have Friends With Benefits Relationships

One question I have often been asked is how to develop “no strings attached”  or “friends with benefits” relationships and how to maintain them over time. Oftentimes it is hard to keep the relationship primarily sexual without one or both parties (or more in some cases) getting emotionally involved. Often it turns into a sexually […]

Take her home, she won’t be fooled by excuses

One thing that gets in the way of success for many guys is a limiting belief that women don’t really like sex that much or somehow have to be bribed or talked into it.  This message has been reinforced in pop culture many times over, and it is understandable how a man could think that […]