May 27, 2018

DC Dating advice: How to answer what do you do?

Knowing what to talk about on a date and how to start the conversation can be a challenge for many people. It is also one of the main reasons people work with me as a dating coach. In Washington, DC the question “what to you do” inevitably comes up in a conversation. So how do you deal with this so you can have a great conversation and really connect with someone new? Here are some quick tips to answer this question in a way that is fun and leads to a more interesting conversation so that you date can turn into much more!

Online Dating tips from a woman sex blogger in DC

The following online dating tips are from a blog by Drama in DC who I met on Ok Cupid. Here is her story of how we met: The Dating Coach. We later went on to become good friends with benefits and she helped me when I went out to coach guys infield and online dating […]

Why Traditional Dating is inauthentic

There are many cultural expectations that contribute to how we think we are supposed to act when it comes to meeting someone of the opposite sex. However traditional dating as a way for men and women to connect with each other puts people in the position of having to be inauthentic.   What do we […]