May 27, 2018

Comedy Speed Dating DC: Laugh your way to better dates

Comedy Speed Dating in DC: so your dating life is no joke!

On Thursday October 7th starting at 7:00 PM at Mission DuPont in Washington, DC, half a block north of the DuPont Circle metro station Q Street exit.

Have you ever been to a speed dating event that was so good you just had to laugh?

If you are like many singles, the answer to that question is more likely to be, “no, it was just alright maybe even so bad you had to laugh. Maybe you felt somewhat embarrased for being there, and felt like you had to make excuses like “my friends just dragged me here” or this is the first time I’ve ever gone to one of theseand then realized that you told this to someone you had seen at “one of these” events before!

Perhaps you found that conversations seemed kind of forced or it was hard to get a real, interesting conversation going with most people. Most speed dating events are a bit of a crap shoot, they just bring a bunch of singles together, line them up and then you just hope for the best. There is no coaching, no entertainment or ice-breakers or conversation starters. Even if you did manage to get lucky and meet at least one person you connected with, you also probably had at least a dozen other mundane 4 minute chats conversations about “what do you do” and “where are you from?”

Studies have shown that both men and women would love to meet someone who can make them laugh. You may also recall how much easier it feels when you meet and connect with others while you are having fun, in a relaxed, comfortable enironment. But why has no one ever thought to bring a fun, laugh out loud vibe to the same old speed dating events?

I did some research looking for this and amazingly enough I found that no one has done anything like this before! That is until now! 

So I met with one of the top standup comics in the U.S. for cream sodas at the PotBelly Sandwich Shop and we decided to create a dating seminar/ comedy show / speed dating event “Comedy speed dating, so your dating life is no joke. This seminar and speed-dating event will feature long-time DC Dating coach Michael Hurst, who has been featured on dating panels, Arlington Magazine among other publications. Partnering with me on the event is  veteran standup comic Greg Stevens who has been performing at clubs and colleges all over the country for the last 5 years! In this event for BOTH men and women you will first learn tips you can apply for your dating success immediately during the speed dating event and during any other dates or opportunities to meet someone. Since this is a few days before Valentine’s Day this can be a great way to meet someone to take out during the following nights.

During the Comedy speed dating and class you will learn: 

• While laughing and getting “warmed up” to meet others through a mini standup comedy performance from one of the top comedians in the U.S. who also teaches comedy.
• Conversational tips and techniques from dating coach Michael Hurst to quickly create a fun, flitatious conversation.
• Laugh out loud with hilarious, offbeat conversation topics along with some spontaneous jokes and coaching from our Dating Coach and Comedian hosts. No more awkward or boring conversations. Even if you don’t click romantically, at least you will have a lot of fun!
• Learn how to tease and banter that build attraction in a way that is fun and challenging.
• How to turn common conversation questions like “What do you do?”  into a funny story and interesting conversation instead of having that initial initial spark of attraction fizzles faster than a pilot light when the gas bill hasn’t been paid. 
• How to find the humor in your own real life stories, you don’t have to be an international man or woman of mystery, you just have to learn how to be a good story-teller.
• Exercises and simple formulas you can use to help you quickly develop your conversational skills and your own jokes unique to you and your life.
• How to create quick, witty comebacks in the middle of a conversation.
• How to use humor and innuendo to playfully spice up a conversation in a way that is fun, not creepy even if you have just met someone.
• How to use comedy in emails, text messages, and for online dating.
• From active coaching and Q & A at times before, during and immediately after the event so you can learn while you are meeting people.
• To laugh out loud and have a lot of fun. Dating shouldn’t be like a chore or a job-interview it should be about having fun and connecting with others!

Why come to the comedy speed dating class? Why not?

Why go to just another speed dating event when you can also laugh, learn, and  have a better shot of turning a few minutes of conversation into something more?

The combination of comedy, dating coaching and speed dating is the perfect storm!

Now imagine what it would be like  if you were in a fun, playful state of mind, while learning how to flirt and really connect with others … Then immediately put that to work with others who are also having the same experience and are there to meet that special someone. How will it be when you’re being your best self along with a dating coach and a comedian to stir things up and push the envelope.  When you have some really interesting conversations where you can really connect with others, be real and just have fun!

So sign up now and be one of first to experience this unique experience that will even more of an impact on Washington, DC than an inch or two of snow.  While we can’t promise you’ll meet the love of your life, at least you will laugh, learn and have fun while looking for it.

About the hosts:

Michael Hurst is a DC Dating coach and the author of the book Become That Guy: Become Irresistibly Attractive as well as several different seminars and coaching programs. Michael has also been featured n speaking panels and in various publications including a recent article in Arlington Magazine. Michael’s coaching draws from a varied background in sales, marketing and consulting to bring a a practical approach to dating and socializing. He has appeared on numerous radio and TV talk shows, been the subject of a documentary and has spoken at national conference all across the U.S. Recent seminars include, “How to have Charismatic Conversations” for one of the largest Meetup Groups in the DC area. While much of his content is geared toward men, he has also done numerous seminars for both men and women and also does private coaching for women as well as men. More information can be found on his website as a DC Dating Coach

Greg Stevens is young veteran in the world of stand-up comedy, quickly captivating audiences with his unique and energetic style. Born and raised in Washington, DC Greg has been performing at clubs and colleges all over the country. Over the years Greg has opened and featured for national headliners such as Rickey Smiley, Pierre, Michael Coylar and Chris Thomas. Greg has also written material for headliner Reg “Bro-Man” Ballard (TV’s Martin and Bernie Mac Show). Greg blew audiences away as a featured act at the First Annual DC Comedy Fest in 2005. Greg extended his comedic talents to the world of radio, by being a frequent special guest host on the internet radio show “Vegas Stand Up” (Broadcast on Greg developed a love and passion for the world of cinema. In 2007 he landed a part in the dance sequel Step Up 2: The Streets. Greg struck a chord with director Alonzo Crawford, as he stared in his first leading role as a jazz musician in the drama “Jake’s Wake”. Greg has performed at various well known comedy clubs all over America such as the New York Improv, DC Improv, The Laugh Factory (LA), The Laugh House (Philadelphia), The Comedy Village (NYC), Caesars Palace (Las Vegas), Rascals (Baltimore), and The Virginia House of Comedy (Virginia Beach). Greg looks forward to making people laugh in the new millennium.

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