May 27, 2018

DC Dating Conference charity benefit

 Have you been given a series of seemingly

conflicting pieces of advice when it comes to


Perhaps you have been told that things will just happen or that you have to play games to be successful with the opposite sex

Or you have gotten the same worn out advice that you should “be yourself” yet it doesn’t help you to get what you want. It can be confusing, especially if there is no step by step process, no road map to guide you. 

Are you tired of everyone talking about Valentine’s Day? There are cards, flowers, your Mom asking you when you’ll every meet someone and bring them home to introduce them? 

So how about doing something different this Valentine’s Day weekend in DC?

Learn how to Be Irresistibly Attractive! 

The 2012 DC Dating Conference by Michael Hurst is intended to give you practical tools and techniques that you can use to get results TONIGHT!  You will learn how to act, talk, and move, so that you will become naturally attractive to the person you desire. 

In addition to making great strides in your dating life, an added benefit is that the procedes of this course will be donated to a good cause, for Crohn’s and Colitis research and awareness. 


In this seminar (for both men and women) you will learn how to: 

    ·     Instantly establish an almost “magical” level of openness and trust without saying a word.  Establish a strong connection with someone within minutes. 

·   Be confident and fun anytime you want to meet someone you are attracted to. Be able to turn on the charm like flipping a switch. 

·    Walk sexy, talk sexy, even burp sexy (just kidding about the last one) by conditioning yourself through stretches and exercises that develop you posture and graceful body movement. Notice the results immediately as you see how others now respond to your presence.

·     Avoid some of the most common fashion mistakes as well as learn some tips for how to dress, don’t let your clothes hold you back!  

·      Turn the same old small talk conversations like “what do you do?” and “where are you from?” into stories that create a spontaneous and flirty conversation using improv techniques. Avoid getting stuck in boring interview-style conversations that leave you grasping for something interesting to say.

·       Answer common questions like “where are you from?” and “what do you do?” in a way where you create a spontaneous, fun conversation. Avoid getting stuck in boring interview-style conversations that leave you running out of things to say.

·    Be funny, develop your wit and charm with the input of experienced comedians. Learn how you can make your own life experiences into fun and interesting stories. 

·       When to call, what to do and what to say it as you call and text to set up dates – Turn a promising first meeting in person or from online into another fun and exciting meeting in person.


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It seems that his life mission is to help people better connect with each other

I’ve met so many inspiring men that I now blog about the ones I date.  When I found out Michael was a dating coach, I told myself “challenge accepted!”  I think the approach Michael teaches is effective but respectful.  It seems that his life mission is to help people better connect with each other not just on a sexual level, but on all levels.

Drama in DC

25 year old female grad student 


 Here is another experience from one of my past attendees. 


I was able to get with one of the “most wanted” girls in my social group


I took Michael’s comprehensive coaching program in July and August 2010. With the new skills that I learned with Michael, I was able to seduce one of the “most wanted” girls in my social group right at the end of the month long workshop! She is beautiful and very smart. After starting out as “Friends with Benefits” now she is my girlfriend, so I wanted to keep the details private. Sorry, guys. Now you know why you have not seen me out …  

In Michael’s coaching program, his students learn how to awaken the “Discovery Channel” side of women, while still being quite straightforward with them. During this workshop, you always get a strong feeling that Michael is really interested in seeing his students being successful 

People who benefit the most from this workshop are the women who are dating Michael’s students. That is because we learn how to become that guy that women really want. Bring a notebook and take very good notes on what he says!


Ron E.

41, Washington, DC

Here are some more things you will learn in this DC Dating Seminar.

·      Set and manage expectations so that you can have the types of relationships you want while being fair to the other person.  

·    Learn how to be use comedy and playful role-plays to build attraction. Utilize her responses to build up the conversation and keep it fresh and fun. 

·      What men and women REALLY want through open discussion. What you learn may really surprise you.

·       Six conversational themes that will help you smoothly and playfully introduce edgy  topics to the conversation in such a way that they say “I can’t believe I am talking about this!”

·     Use your language to make a conversation or text messages generate chemistry and romantic tension.  

·       A quick technique to get “out of your own head” and become fully present so you can spontaneously and intuitively read people

·       How to create new possibilities for pleasure and intimacy by identifying and freeing yourself from fear, guilt or shame that you may have been holding you back without you even realizing it.

What Michael teaches really works, use it!


I was skeptical at first, however I saw Michael out one night and decided to attend one of Michael’s weekend seminars and thought it was so powerful that I then signed up for his month long comprehensive coaching program … 

The skills that Michael teaches can apply to many situations whether you are looking to pick up or lay the ground work for a long term relationship. Michael identified where I had been holding myself back (it wasn’t what I thought) and then I finally lost my virginity with a really cool woman I met when I wasn’t expecting it.  Neither one of us was looking for a relationship but over time it basically became a relationship without us calling it that.  We have been together now for over a year and a half now.

What Michael teaches really works, Use it! Thanks Michael. I’ll see you at your next seminar


Sean A.

23 year old grad student  

What Michael teaches works for women as well as men

I’m in my mid 30s and just got out of an 8 years of marriage.  I certainly wasn’t looking to date anyone seriously!  Michael helped me write my online dating profile and gave me lots of good advice on how to set the expectations and boundaries for the types of relationships I was ready for at the time.  

I ended up dating a wide variety of guys including a North African prince, a hot personal fitness trainer, and a sweet but hot 23 year-old “boy toy” who volunteered at a hospital… with complete honesty and openness to them about what my intentions were. So yes, it works for women as well as men. 

Debbie D.

Washington, DC

You will also learn:


·       How taking away the pressure and expectation of commitment can actually open up new possibilities for creating intimacy.

•   Develop your voice so that it is smooth, sexy and captivating through specific drills and exercises.

•   How to establish and defend your personal boundaries. Don’t get taken for granted or as a weak pushover.

·       Understand how the meaning you attach to your past experiences can either limit or open up new possibilities. Break free of what was holding you back and put the past in the past so you have more choice to seek what you really want. 

·       Attract others to you like a magnet by actively being that person who conveys that they already have a happy fulfilling life. 

•   “How not to lose a guy/ girl in 10 days” – some tips on how to maintain a healthy relationship, don’t blow or sabotage another promising opportunity.

•   How to keep the “spark” so that you continue to sustain an interesting and dynamic relationship over time.  

·       Attract others to you like a magnet when you Become that Guy or Girl who is fully present and irresistibly attractive, has self-acceptance and conveys an inviting acceptance of others.

·       Free yourself from where you think a relationship with someone “should” go and instead be present and enjoy the moment.


Why Should I pay money to learn?


If you met even one person who rocked your world, would it be worth it? What if you were to consider the value of your time that you can never get back. Worse yet it is a gamble because it’s not guaranteed that you will get what you want. I’ve seen it happen all the time, for more of my clients than I can count. They save hundreds of dollars each month while avoiding the hassle and heart ache of dating, and they meet one amazing woman after another…  all in the natural flow of their daily life. 

Men, how much money have you spent going out on dates – THIS MONTH ALONE – and still never really meeting a woman that you’re totally into?  Women, how many times have you felt the pressure of expectations from a date and the drama that sometimes goes with bruised egos and hurt feelings?  It is worth it?

As a certain former governor would say

You betcha!


It’s for a good cause


Some weekend seminars are priced as high as $3,000, even a one day and night class can cost hundreds of dollars, however Michael wants to get his message out there in a way that anyone can afford to pay. So he is offering this at as a charity benefit for a special cause right that is near to his own heart or should we say gut on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

For over 10 years Michael struggled with Ulcerative Colitis, with symptoms that ranged from unpleasant and embarrassing to even being hospitalized a few times. However after being on the verge of surgery a year ago, he has now recovered and considers himself CURED, something that is not yet recognized by most doctors as possible in the field after combining several treatment options. Now he is healthy and wants to further the cause of awareness and the search for effective treatment options. So he is offering this seminar for charitable donations, a minimum donation of $20. All proceeds after expenses will be donated to charities such as the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America*.


So sign up today for the DC Dating Conference, space is limited for this unique opportunity. Location will be in NW DC in the Adams Morgan / U Street NW area and will be sent to attendees closer to the event date. 

(*Note: Neither Michael nor this event is directly affiliated with or a representative of the organization.)


About Michael

Michael Hurst is a dating consultant in Washington, DC, author and speaker.  Your Executive coach for your dating life.   Michael first discovered the men’s dating education Community or Pickup Artist Community (PUA) back in 1999 and has been professionally coaching mostly men and some women for the last couple of years. Michael has lead over 30 seminar workshops in the last few years. He is regarded as one of the foremost experts in recognizing and rapidly increasing sexual attraction and fostering relationships that develop organically. He has been a speaker at several national dating conferences across the U.S.  Recently Michael Hurst was as a guest on the Jellyvision show, a comedy talk show in the Washington, DC area.

Michael is the author of the book “Become That Guy:  Become Irresistibly Attractive” a comprehensive resource toward dating and self-development for men. When you become that guy who is irresistibly attractive you can be powerfully direct and authentic, secure that you can have the kinds of relationships that you really want. As he wrote the book and got feedback from women, Michael realized that most of the concepts that he teaches to men also were helpful to women and has since started coaching some women as well as men. A book for women is forthcoming in the next year.

Michael blends his personal experience and experience coaching others with almost 10 years of experience in public speaking, sales and marketing, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Handwriting Analysis. Go to his website for more information about his coaching, seminars and to read free articles and field reports of his adventures. 


Guest Teachers: 
* A dance teacher, pilates or yoga instructor teaching both men & women how to walk sexy and carry yourself in a confident manner with good posture. Ladies feel free to bring your heels with you or just practice in your sneakers. (about 10 min.)
* Comedians and improve instructors will be talking about how to use comedy to break the ice in a relationship (about 10 min.) 

* Fashion tips from a fashion expert for being professional, casual and attractive. 

About Become That Guy