May 27, 2018

Divorced single father

I am a divorced single father in his 40s.

I think the coaching program is appropriate for almost all levels of skill – I would say that people in my cohort ranged from beginner to fairly advanced and all seemed to get value from program.

If you are already good he will offer you a few tricks to make your game better. Will it provide the missing pieces in your game – I don’t know but you will get NLP training and more field time which surely will not hurt.

Michael is direct in his approach and is good at quickly identifying which women are into him. That said he pulls some hot chicks – have seen him do it. His skills and ability are very real and if you want to learn how he operates talk to him or take one of his seminars.

Michael has a passion for the subject and is a ego-less Guru of pickup, he has a quick mind and is a cool guy to boot.

I’ve had a lot of fun going out with the cohort every week – I plan to continue to continue with program as I think it offers a good value for the money. Very cool guy who offers a lot of value. Take his NLP seminar!

P.M. – Washington, DC

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