May 27, 2018

Erotic Story: An Autumn Ride

Here is one of more popular erotic stories that I first wrote 7 years ago as part of my online seduction strategy. Since that time it has been edited with feedback from various women and acted out a couple of times. Feedback is always appreciated.

An Autumn Ride

She was a woman on a mission, determined to hunt down an old flame for
a sensuous rendezvous, the passion long dormant buried deep inside,
was once again ignited.  She was riding hard along Skyline Drive on
her Harley, the wind blew through her reddish  hair as she sped
along the winding roads on a crisp autumn day; the fair skin of her
face was touched by a few freckles, that enhanced the light blue eyes
she kept focused on the road ahead.  She guided herself through the
tight hair pin turns at almost reckless speed, as fast as she could
control without flying off the side of the cliffs, she felt the rush
that you get from pushing the limits. The air was cool and clear, a
deep blue sky that stretched above her, as a bluish haze formed a
silhouette of the ridges of the Smokey’s off in the distance.

Brilliant reds and yellows decorated the panoramic view as if
carefully positioned by the meticulous brush strokes of an
impressionist painter, a tranquil background that contrasted with the
adrenaline-fueled excitement that was leading her down this road.

Months had passed since they last met, and distance now separated them
as much as her pursuit of her new job; a career move that would
position her to become one of the youngest women ever to make partner
at a big four accounting firm.  This ride toward her upcoming
rendezvous granted her the solitude she lacked from the constant
demands on her time during the work week and the opportunity for her
to be alone with her own thoughts and get away. With her driven
personality, she made sure she played as hard as she worked, she was
not content idly sitting around. Once they met, he would be her
partner in the escape from her everyday life. Now was her time, and
she could just say fuck it, this is mine.

She thought about the man she was to meet.  He was not her normal
rugged macho-man military type; but still, a very good-looking man
with clean-cut almost pretty-boy looks, a lean-muscular body that
complemented his sharp mind and keen understanding of how to satisfy
her carnal desires.  His strong presence exuded masculinity as well as
a confidence that naturally followed a deep understanding of women.
She found him fascinating, from the entrancing resonant sound of his
voice, to the piercing blue eyes that seemed to gaze into her soul and
instantaneously awaken feelings of lust and nervous excitement.

As she thought about their innate chemistry, a desire pulsed through
her veins with each beat of her heart and in every breath that she
took now, whenever she found herself thinking of him.

Butterflies flickered in the pit of her stomach while the vibrations
of the motorcycle hummed through her leather chaps to tantalize her
freshly shaven smooth pussy into a warm moist caldron of lust that
ached for his thick manhood to penetrate deep inside her.  She felt
all of the tension that had built these last couple months flood to
the surface now.

Her anticipation swelled as she could almost feel him now, inside of
her, and her thoughts drifted to their first time on that snowy winter
day when he fucked her with such carnal intensity and red hot passion
that had taken her to depths of pleasure far beyond anything she had
ever experienced and somehow each encounter seemed more intense than
the last…

She drew close to their meeting spot as she came upon the innocuous
trail that faintly meandered into the woods from the road.  She slowed
the Harley down and got off, the vibrations from the motorcycle still
resonating through her body. She walked purposefully through the
woods, and the leaves crunched underfoot from her leather boots- a
break in the near silence of the forest only gently interrupted by the
leaves that rustled in the wind and fell to the ground.   Blood pulsed
through her eager body, a little nervous and intensely excited at the
same time.  She could almost conjure up exactly how his skilled tongue
would gently tease its way down her belly toward her clit.  The velvet
warmth of his tongue’s caress and the powerful waves of pleasure he
could send through her, allowing her to surrender to the impending
tryst. She unzipped her jacket, allowing her plentiful cleavage to
show from underneath the matching black tank top.  She knew the effect
the sight of her would have upon him, how much he loved her breasts,
loved the powerful bad girl side of her which was so different from
all of those plain vanilla women he was used to and found so easily.
Unlike other women he could overwhelm with his calculating rakish
charm, she had always been an active participant in this seduction,
seducing him just as much as she was seducing her.  In her mind she
was already envisioning how she could get that look of desire back on
his face, using the power of her sensuality, her lips and tongue.

As she noticed a fork in the trail, she chose left and turned up the
hill, the trees thinned as she entered the rockier area.  Large
boulders surrounded her but framed a clear view for miles behind them.
She climbed onto one of the boulders and stood back to enjoy the
view.  Then she saw him.   His reddish blonde hair caught some of the
late afternoon sun as the breeze gently swept through his strands.

His lean muscular body was outlined by the tight black t-shirt beneath
his unzipped black leather jacket. She gazed impishly into his blue
eyes as she walked right toward him.  Without a word he cupped his
hands along her cheeks and kissed her full pouting lips, sending a
twinge of electricity shooting through her body.  She felt weak in the
knees as her body melted into him, yet the softness and warmth made
her feel safe at the same time.  The softness and the warmth made her
feel safe and yet weak in the knees as her body melted into his firm
arms. As they kissed, his hands hungrily roamed over her body,
deliberately pulling back her black leather jacket to expose her fair
cleavage which was practically bursting out of the constraints of her
top.  The contrast of the cold zipper dragged across her breasts and
the warm texture of the dark leather lightly titillated her pale skin
as it slid over her breasts and off her shoulders fueled the
excitement for them as they continued to kiss.

Her hands explored his body too, as she felt his defined arms and
strong chest-.  As the two became more turned on their light touches
became more frantic to remove each other’s clothing. She reached for
his shirt, as he cupped each breast in his hand, sucking on her taut
nipples, pulling them between his teeth, eager for more, passionately
kissing her breasts and on down over her soft belly as she shivered
with delight…

As he kissed down her body, his tongue licked and slightly tickled her
navel, until he made his way to her pussy which was now desperately
red hot with desire.  He undid the button of her leather chaps, and
kissed the tender skin underneath, the sheer black lace of her panties
barely concealed the ruby red lips of her labia that were peeking out
from underneath as he unzipped her.

He laid her down on the old comforter he brought with him, firmly
holding her hips in his arms as she shuddered with delight, he kissed
her still covered mound while he slid her panties and jeans down…  His
tongue gave a first lick toward her already glistening clit, and he
tasted the juices that had begun to flow over her silky smooth skin
and tender inner folds.  Her vaginal lips opened up to him like petals
as he pulled them back, her legs began to shake slightly as a spasm of
pleasure shot through her body like a current of electricity.  She
spread her legs a little more for him; he ran his tongue along her
engorged vulva to her clit, down one side and then the other… before
honing in on the bud.

The pace of his lapping increased directly on her clit, and the
feelings of arousal inside swelled quickly as her hips began to writhe
with sensations that were surging through her body and the energy
began to take on the glow of her own color of passion as it began to
flow through her body, the hue getting deeper with each breath she
took.  To her the moment was beautiful, the stillness of the woods
behind them, a dramatic sweeping view over the valley stretched out in
front of them, a crisp breeze caressed her face and the late afternoon
rays highlighted her body.  His tongue worked toward her smooth inner
lips, down to her anus lapping the little ridges, feeling naughty but
oh so good at the same time, then back up to her clit. He pulled her
swollen clit into his mouth, working it between his velvety tongue and
the roof of his mouth As he worked her clit between his firm tongue
and the roof of his mouth, he slid his fingers inside her and pressed
firmly against her g-spot, causing her body to arch in pleasure and

With each beat of her heart and each breath, more shallow now, she
could focus in on the accumulating sexual energy, she saw him inside
her mind as blood pulsed through her entire pussy, her muscles began
to spasm, the sensations tightened and then released as powerful
orgasmic waves of pleasure ran through her body with each muscular
contraction, the flood of the hue of the color took on a shape and
created a tingle that spread down her legs all the way toward her
toes, while another path crept up through her breasts down her arms
and to the top of her head; its path lit every inch of her sensuous
body until the energy  almost completely overwhelmed her. Her mind was
filled by the reddish hue that swirled through her drew her attention
to an aroma, a smell of passion that permeated her and that she had
never noticed before.  This heightened awareness both lit her up with
an extreme heightened awareness of her own senses and an intense focus
inside her mind that was all encompassing.  Gradually the intensity of
the flood started to calm and wind down. As her orgasm subsided, she
began to emerge as if from a trance.

He looked up to face her, his body positioned over her.  And as she
looked at him, at his lean muscular body with arms flexed, suddenly he
seemed more attractive than before, she wanted him, felt connected to
him, wanted his rock hard cock which she knew fit perfectly inside

She wanted to make a move to get exactly what she wanted.  She wanted
to suck his cock, She got up from the ground still gaining her
bearings from the powerful orgasm that still reverberated throughout
her body. She pulled his shirt off over his head and then kissed his
body over his toned chest and rippled abs, to make her way down to his
massive erection.  She unzipped his jeans and ran her hands over his
firm stomach admiring the sheer strength of his body.  She opened her
mouth, and wrapped her lips around his cock, her mouth salivating as
if he were her favorite kind of candy; she felt the smooth texture
against her tongue and the roof of her mouth.  As her lips slid down
and came back up she glanced the smooth underside of her tongue across
the sensitive head. Lips firmly gripped his penis, and slid along as
she eagerly began milking his beautiful cock in her mouth; her hand
began stroking his shaft in time to the movements of her mouth.  He
let out a moan, enjoying the sight of her lips around his manhood as
she gazed up at him. Her head bobbed faster and arousal began to
spread through her body, she enjoyed the power she felt from giving
him head, power over his orgasm and the symbol of his masculinity.
She could feel the twitching of his muscles as his orgasm began to
build.  Then just as he was about to come, she stopped, squeezing his
urethra as an orgasm shot through his body as a cascading series of
waves of pleasure from the contractions in his penis. “I’m not going
to let you come yet, I want you to fuck me, to feel your cock deep
inside me.

With that she lay down ready for him to fuck her.  Her pussy still
glistening wet, aroused and ready to fuck.  His cock was fully
engorged with blood, mushroom shaped head capping the tip of his thick
cock.  As they shifted positions, he rubbed it along the length of her
vaginal lips, the bulbous tip teasing her, feeling her wetness coating
his manhood with her juices.  Up and then down again sending more
tingles through her body, aftershocks from her earlier orgasms that
made her think she might cum as soon as he penetrated deep inside her.
He kissed her neck, one hand gently pulling back her hair from her
neck and his teeth covered it with little bites of passion.

And then he poised the head and ever so slowly began to sink inside
her.  She gasped as she felt how large he was, the girth expanding
her, as he slid deeper inside, in her heightened awareness she noticed
every last sensuous ridge and fold. As the speed of his thrusts
increased and her sexual energy began to build toward an impending
series of orgasms, her mind retreated inside, and began to focus on
the color of that erotic sensation, growing more intense deep inside
her with each pulsation. The unique essence of him somehow added to
the earthiness of the moment along with the feel of the firm grip of
his hands on her hips, his massive cock expanding her in unique ways
she had not felt this intensely since the last time she had been with
him.  With one determined thrust he was deep inside her sending a
shudder of pleasure rushing through her and putting just the right
amount of pressure against her still swollen clit.  As her orgasm
continued to build, she felt her muscles getting ready, for the
intense orgasms about to explode through her… her pussy clenched
around his cock as each ridge became a ring of sheer pleasure
surrounding him and the color became very deeply brilliant, a light
spreading through her whole body, flooding it with each convulsion of
pleasure spreading throughout her body with each shallow breath that
she took and each throbbing beat of her heart…  As she started to cum,
his thrusts became more urgent, the intensity of his pleasure
contributing to the wanton desire of his lust as he started fucking
her hard, her legs going back to allow him deeper inside, completely
feeling  him as his fucking rocked her body.  Building to the point
where he exploded in orgasm with loud groans, , she could feel each
muscle contraction as his cum shot deep within  her, filling her,  as
his heart beat hard  next to hers, transferring the adrenaline into
her body as well… Leaving her pleasantly disheveled, feeling deeply
satisfied and relaxed.

As they settled into a warm afterglow, the two lovers were content for
the moment.  They knew they were going to enjoy this weekend in the
mountains and indulge one another’s pent-up desires.  Though time
would end the weekend, it would also fuel the kind of hot, passionate
sex that proximity and fleeting minutes breed.

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