May 27, 2018

Friends with Benefits Seminar Washington, DC – Aug 27

“Why can’t we just have sex without all of the complications

and problems that come with a relationship?”

Friends With Benefits movie poster


Now You can, just like in movies

with the How to have “Friends with Benefits” Seminar

Date: Saturday August 27,  seminar will be from 1:00 – 6:00, add on infield flirt coaching session at nearby bars from 9 – 12:00

Location: Madhatter 1321 Connecticut Ave NW in Washington, DC with me and my expert wing woman who is a dating and sex blogger.

Are You…

  • Busy with your life, don’t want to feel tied down (in a bad way), but also don’t want to feel like you are misleading someone or stringing them along?
  • Traveling or living somewhere temporarily and want to have an exciting fling?
  • Not experienced with relationships or sex but would like an alternative to traditional dating or one night stands?
  • Just getting out of a long term relationship and don’t feel like you have anything to give emotionally?
  • Women: Would you like to have guys treat you like a queen as they actively compete for your affection. Or possibly want to seek out a relationship with you because it was their idea?
  • Men: Have you ever wondered what it’s like when women send their friends to you for sex?


Are you tired of dating and wondering… why does dating have to be so hard?

Hi, I’m Michael Hurst, dating coach and author of Become That Guy: Become Irresistibly Attractive. Perhaps you have seen recent movies like No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits or are a fan of Sex in the City.  Maybe you have seen examples of “friends with benefits” relationships with people you know, or maybe you have even had this type of relationship once or twice in your own life and wondered…

How do I start and maintain this kind of relationship without it turning into a Relationship” with a capital “R”?

It’s not always easy, but it can be done. Years ago I remember wondering why many people have hang-ups with sex and being direct about what they want?  So I set out to figure it out.  Over the last decade I talked candidly to thousands of men and women while developing an alternative approach to dating. Some people told me you can’t openly want sex without having a relationship established first, others told me you could have a one night stand, but then you can’t be friends afterward. It turns out they were all WRONG.

Why can’t you just be honest about what you want to yourself and others?

People told me you can’t, but yes You can! This is the discovery I made years ago when I was in college.  Then I was told it won’t work in the “real world” but I discovered time and time again that you can be playfully direct and challenging in such a way that you too can have hot, rewarding Friends with Benefits relationships.

My “How to have Friends with Benefits” seminar is the culmination of more than 12 years of personal experience, and from years of experience giving advice and coaching .

If You Want To know What Women or Men Want…

One thing that has always set me apart from the men who teach “pick up” is that I always have women at my seminars. At first the reason was to give feedback and a woman’s perspective to teach the guys, but then my woman guests started trying it out and we discovered that that many of the same things that worked for men also worked for women. That is why this seminar is for both men and women.


Before I go any further let me first tell

Tell You What this seminar and my approach is NOT About…

This seminar is NOT about the “pickup artist” mentality of using someone or taking something from someone. This is about creating mutually shared positive experiences, unconstrained by the baggage that goes with traditional dating relationships. Your approach is open, honest with a sexy edge.


In this seminar (for both men and women) you will learn:

  • How to instantly establish an almost “magical” level of openness and trust without saying a word.
  • How to find out if someone is open to a “no strings attached” kind of relationship in less than 30 seconds.
  • Men: How to effectively set the frame so that you are viewed as a delicious indulgence rather than a chore like a traditional date.
  • Women: How to radiate a powerfully magnetic feminine confidence that attracts men like a magnet.
  • Begin with the end in mind: How to set and manage expectations so that if you want to end or redefine the relationship you can give it a soft landing.
  • How to use innuendo to make a conversation or text messages into one that generates sexual tension.
  • When to call, text, and set up dates – including what to say – so that you stay consistent with the cool, confident, fun, not dating first impression that you first created…

It seems that his life mission is to help people better connect with each other

I’ve met so many inspiring men that I now blog about the ones I date.  When I found out Michael was a dating coach, I told myself “challenge accepted!”  I think the approach Michael teaches is effective but respectful.  It seems that his life mission is to help people better connect with each other not just on a sexual level, but on all levels.

Drama in DC

25 year old female grad student



I was able to seduce one of the “most wanted” girls in my social group

I took Michael’s comprehensive coaching program in July and August 2010. With the new skills that I learned with Michael, I was able to seduce one of the “most wanted” girls in my social group right at the end of the month long workshop! She is beautiful and very smart. After starting out as “Friends with Benefits” now she is my girlfriend, so I wanted to keep the details private. Sorry, guys. Now you know why you have not seen me out …

In Michael’s coaching program, his students learn how to awaken the “Discovery Channel” side of women, while still being quite straightforward with them. During this workshop, you always get a strong feeling that Michael is really interested in seeing his students being successful.

People who benefit the most from this workshop are the women who are dating Michael’s students. That is because we learn how to pleasure a woman and give her amazing orgasms. Bring a notebook and take very good notes on what he says!

Ron E.

41, Washington, DC

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Here are some more things you will learn in the seminar.

  • Where to go to meet people that are looking for these kinds of relationships and which social scenes and cultures are most open to these types of arrangements?
  • Learn what men and women REALLY want through open discussion (seriously, it’s possible!)
  • Six conversational themes that will help you smoothly and playfully introduce sex to the conversation in such a way that they say“I can’t believe I am talking about this!”
  • Women: How to be sexy and flirty in a way that men will want to pursue you and keep coming back.
  • Men: How to use a “bad” reputation in a good way to steer some women towards you and others away from you. Be perceived as the exciting guy to have sex with and not “date.”
  • Five different ways that Friends with Benefits relationships start
  • A quick technique to get “out of your head” and become fully present so you can  naturally and intuitively read people
  • How to create new possibilities for pleasure and intimacy by identifying and freeing yourself from any guilt or shame that you may have attached to sex.
  • Turn the same old small talk questions like “what do you do?” and “where you from?” into stories that create a fun and flirty conversation.

“What Michael teaches works for women as well as men

I’m in my mid 30s and just got out of an 8 year long sexless marriage.  I certainly wasn’t looking to date anyone seriously!  Michael helped me write my online dating profile and gave me lots of good advice on how to set the expectations and boundaries for “friends with benefits” relationships.  At one point I was seeing a North African prince, a hot personal fitness trainer, and a cute 23 year-old boy toy… with complete honesty and openness to them about what my intentions were.

Debbie D.

36, Washington, DC


What Michael teaches really works, use it!


I was skeptical at first, however I attended one of Michael’s weekend seminars and thought it was so powerful that I then signed up for his month long comprehensive coaching program …

The skills that Michael teaches can apply to many situations whether you are looking to pick up or lay the ground work for a long term relationship. With what I learned from Michael’s seminar and coaching I identified where I had been holding myself back and then I finally lost my virginity with a really cool woman who I became friends with benefits with.  Neither one of us was looking for a relationship but over time it basically became a relationship without us calling it that.  We have been together now for over a year and a half now.

What Michael teaches really works, Use it. Thanks Michael. I’ll see you at your next seminar

Sean A.

23, Fairfax, VA

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Why You Should Trust Me On This

One thing that has always set me apart from the men who teach “pick up” is that I always have women at my seminars. At first the reason was to give feedback and a woman’s perspective to teach the guys, but then my woman guests started trying it out and we discovered that that many of the same things that worked for men also worked for women. That is why this seminar is for both men and women.

But Friends with Benefits relationships “don’t work” or “won’t last”

This is not different from traditional relationships. It is true that often relationships don’t stay the same forever. Some friends with benefits relationships evolve into relationships or marriage, some just become friends, and some people lose touch.

The key is in the expectations you set for yourself and the other person / people that you are seeing.


Friends with Benefits helped me finally get married

I met Michael years ago when I was 41 and he was 24. I almost had it all, a high paying job that I loved, a house, great friends and the body of a woman in her 20s. However I felt like it was meaningless because I wasn’t married kids. I was skeptical about his “Friends with Benefits” approach, and how could a bachelor in his 20s help a woman who wanted to get married?

However he sold me on the idea even though I told him that I should be looking for a husband so I could get married and have two kids.  Through my experience with Michael I gained the piece of the puzzle that had been missing.  One day he said “stop being so hard on yourself! You’ve got a lot of great things going in your life, appreciate them.  Until you have gratitude for what you have, you won’t get more.”

About 6 months later I met my husband and now have 2 kids.  I think my ‘friends with benefits” experiences gave me the insight and confidence to finally develop a healthy relationship and then get married and have kids.

Elizabeth B.

Silver Spring, MD


You will also learn:

  • How taking away the pressure and expectation of commitment can actually open up new possibilities for creating intimacy.
  • How to avoid common mistakes that many people make when looking for “friends with benefits.”
  • Understand how the meaning you attach to sex can either limit or open up new possibilities. Break free of what was  holding you back so you have more choice to seek what you really want.
  • Create the energy – Become that Guy or Girl who is fully present and irresistibly attractive, has self acceptance and conveys an inviting acceptance of others.
  • Free yourself from where you think a relationship with someone “should” go and instead be present and enjoy the moment.
  • Learn how non-monogamous relationships can be a healthy way to learn about yourself and help you be ready for traditional relationships.
  • Why Should I pay money to learn?

    If you met even one person who rocked your world, would it be worth it? What if you were to consider the value of your time that you can never get back. Worse yet it is a gamble because it’s not guaranteed that you will get what you want. I’ve seen it happen all the time, for more of my clients than I can count. They save hundreds of dollars each month while avoiding the hassle and heart ache of dating, and they meet one amazing woman after another…  all in the natural flow of their daily life.

    Men, how much money have you spent going out on dates – THIS MONTH ALONE – and still never really meeting a woman that you’re totally into?  Women, how many times have you felt the pressure of expectations from a date and the drama that sometimes goes with bruised egos and hurt feelings?  It is worth it?

    You bet it is!

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    I’ll Also Throw in these additional bonuses

    • Bonus: How to Have Friends with Benefits book – A Free Gift copy of my upcoming book where I go through my real life stories and break down all the elements of what made those “Friends with Benefits” relationships work – from start to finish so you will then be able to do this for yourself!  Learn from my successes and mistakes

    • Early signup Bonus #1: Earlybird Discount

    For the first 10 people who sign up I’ll offer a discount off the price of $163.40 and offer this course for only $97.

    • Early signup Bonus #2: $200 off regular price of Infield Coaching

    After the seminar I will offer an additional infield coaching session.  For the first 6 people who sign up I will offer “infield” coaching after the seminar at a significant introductory discount where you get personalized feedback from observing you meeting people in the “real world.” You will take what you learned and practiced in the seminar and apply it to get immediate results in the real world.

    Along with my male and female coaches I will

    • Demonstrate examples for you to follow
    • Observe you in action, provide immediate feedback and
    • Challenge you to move past your comfort zone.

    Even the most self-aware person is going to miss a few things relating to your body posture mannerisms and movements. Often a few little things can make a big difference in how you come across.

    With over 11 years of experience with the “pickup artist” and dating education communities I’ve seen it all and can give you the edge to rapidly accelerate your learning curve and achieve your goals.

    Normally this is priced separately at $300, however as a special bonus when you sign up with this seminar I will offer this for only $100 extra, total only $197.

    • Early signup Bonus #2: $50 off Private one-on-one Phone Coaching

    Also for the first 6 people who sign up, in addition to the bonus infield session I will offer an introductory phone coaching session as yourexecutive coach for your dating life normally $100 an hour for just an additional $50. Total only $247

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    Here are a few more things that people are saying about Michael’s coaching


    He genuinely loves what he’s doing

    If you’ve never seen Michael in action, you should. I’ve never seen anyone as forward and willing to push the envelope that can consistently make it work. The girls eat it up like a fat kid on candy. Without some finesse and the ability to read people (calibration) just being dominant and sexual could be a recipe for disaster. However Michael excels at demonstrating and teaching the calibration skills that allow you to be sexual and smooth at the same time. A deep understanding of the psychology of attraction that allows you rapidly escalate with women.


    I’d especially like to point out the bit about identifying and changing your limiting beliefs. This skill alone is worth the price of admission. I had been misdiagnosing some of my own sticking points. QuickKill got ‘em right and has been very creative in coming up with effective ways for me to address and change them. He’s not joking about customizing a plan that’s just right for you.

    He genuinely loves what he’s doing, and gets tons of enjoyment out of not just teaching, but out of seeing your progress. He understands his own sticking points and is dedicated to working on them and his enthusiasm for self improvement is contagious. He’s completely ego-free and is a lot of fun to hang out with.

    Todd D.,

    32, Bio Chemical researcher

    Washington, DC



    Michael is very focused on the student

    Just watching him closely talking to women he was able to disprove a lot of community theory that you needed to be super strategic in opening. I mirrored some of his style and found great results on opening.

    We had several phone sessions. He made sure that I got all of my questions answered before ending a call and even stayed up late to talk. Michael gave me homework to write stories which he would take time to edit and review. I went over the stories on the phone and got coached into how to make them more interesting and engaging. Overall Michael is very focused on the student and makes himself available beyond what is initially designated.

    Prashant N.

    27, Computer Sales Washington, DC


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