May 27, 2018

June 9 seminar Secrets to Rapidly Build Sexual Chemistry and Attraction

Become That Guy presents,
Secrets to Rapidly Build Sexual Chemistry and Attraction
Have you ever met a woman and really hit it off with her but then you are never able to reach her on the phone or to meet up again? Oftentimes this happens because attractive women are constantly presented with opportunities for sex from men. What would happen if you how to meet women and rapidly build feeling of lust and attraction so she is ready and eager to go home with you the first night that you meet her? Then you skip all of the back and forth of traditional dating unless you really want to do all of that.
In this evening seminar you will learn to:
Unleash her naughty side so she is free to act on her desires and she pursues you
Learn how to quickly screen for the women who have the desire to go home with you that night
Create intense sexual tension so that she’s practically begging you to take her home
Lead her past 5 objections so that she will enjoy the experience without feeling bad about it later.
Make her eager to come back for more to become a friend with benefits or even a girlfriend

You will also learn:

  • A step by step process for getting her extremely turned-on on the dance floor even if you can’t dance.
  • How to rapidly build up from a normal conversation to dirty talk in person and by text message so that she simply meets you at your house. This allows her to be discrete so that her friends don’t even have to know where she is going and don’t see her leave with a guy.
  • Specific ways you can touch her so that she melts at your touch and is can tell that you are a guy that knows what he is doing.
  • Many more tips and techniques that are included in my month-long coaching program where we take this techniques out into the field and implement them so that this is what you do when you Become That Guy, who is irresistibly attractive to women

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