May 27, 2018

Lost his virginity

I’m a 22 year old graduate student in the Washington, DC area who is no longer a virgin after taking Michael’s coaching program.   I started coaching with Michael after almost a year of self learning through the local PUA Forum and after taking another coaching program. I was looking to find others to learn from to further develop my skills.

I did my research and Michael was voted the best by the largest dating forum in the Washington, DC area the Attraction Vault Forum in Washington, DC (out of over 1,000 members) based on the results he had gotten. When I saw him out one night, I was captivated by the way he approached that girl and befriended her friend and easily got along with the three dudes that were there. Within minutes after talking to her she had this interesting look in her eyes as if she had tuned out the rest of the world. He was doing something powerful and I wanted to know how he did it.

After seeing him in action, I read his stories on the forum including one about a woman he met and took home 15 minutes after he met her. They dated 6 months, it turns out she who was a little psycho but a nymphomaniac who is now modeling and traveling the world. Between what I saw in person and feedback from other, I felt he was credible and reputation was solid. I went to the Free NLP seminar he gave and then decided to join his coaching program and after getting some incredible results from that, decided to take his coaching program.

Basically, He has 10 years of experience in NLP and his LRs show his rep, and his stories also demonstrates in great detail how he does it.

His coaching program teaches you the following

Concepts from NLP to make your communication have more of an impact including:
• Anchoring – Once you have gotten her into a good state of mind you link it to yourself and bring her right back there later.
• Mirroring – this helps you more rapidly establish comfort with the woman you are talking to
• Weasel Phrases – These allow you to be bold and playful and get away with saying things that would normally get you slapped
• Embedded Commands – ways to put suggestions out there in an indirect way
• State control – manage your frame of mind and learn to overcome fear of approaching a woman

He also covered these aspects of game:
• Phone Game (VERY VALUABLE) – While in class I got a call from a woman and even though I was very nervous, he and the other students passed me notes to help me on what to say and I setup a coffee meeting with her.
• Text Game (VERY VALUABLE) [Which I am still practicing] – This is a great way to practice some of the NLP language skills.
• How your beliefs about sex, women and relationships can hold you back even when you have all of the other pieces of your game together.

The Coaching program itself

We meet every week once a day, either Wed or Thurs for about 2 hours. Then we would go out to a venue and practice what we learned for 2 – 3 hours. He will attempt to open sets for you and bring you in. However, you will have to do the same. As an added bonus, if you can make it, he will do daygame sets with you. I am one of those people that try anything. I WILL HONESTLY TRY IT! When I first did my first NLP set on the Metro I got massive results. Keep this in mind, this was my first time actually doing it. I knew NLP was a great tool to add my set of  skills. Fast forward to today, I am using NLP to increase attraction. I would not say I am an expert, but I have made significant progress.

Who do I recommend this program to
I have had a lot of people ask me about this. I would ask yourself if you really have a willingness to try things first before judging if they will work or not, have a positive attitude and a real genuine desire to master this area of your life. I really honestly believe the mentality that NLP requires a massive amount of discipline and frame control. NLP itself is not difficult but building a solid frame requires experience.

Good Things about this Program

1. You’ve got an expert with over 10 years of experience in NLP and Seduction at your fingertips.
2. He goes right out there with you, at your side or discretely watching you in action as you apply what he teaches to meet women
3. He is really good at meeting women himself and you can learn by watching him
4. Compared to other people that charge $3,000 or more for a weekend bootcamp Michael is local and offers great value.
5. He will demonstrate what he teaches on real people right in front of you at bars and even right on the street
6. He loves what he does and he shows for it.

The first time I used it I got far. The first time a friend of mine used it, it got him his first makeout at a bar. This definitely does work.

Note: After the end of the first coaching program, I did sign up again to continue to learn. During the 2nd coaching program, I lost my virginity to a really cool woman that I have now been seeing for over 9 months. What I learned from Michael, along with my own persistent hard work finally helped me achieve my goal. I strongly encourage you to talk to him sometime and even if you don’t sign up for his coaching program now, at least check out the seminars he gives every month.

Sean A – Washington, DC

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