February 19, 2018

Michael Hurst will speak at The Global Pickup Conference

The Global Pickup Conference, Washington DC

Michael Hurst will be a presenter at The Global Pickup Conference in Washington, DC the weekend of Friday Jan. 28 – Sunday Jan. 30th. The conference will feature some of the biggest names in the pickup artist/ men’s self-development community.  Sign up here for The Global Pickup Conference Washington, DC now, prices go up closer to the date of the conference.

Friday Jan. 28 – Sunday Jan. 30, 2011

Sign up for The Global Pickup Conference in Washington, DC

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12/05-12/12: $149
12/13-12/19: $199
12/20-01/01/2011: $249
01/02-01/15: $299
01/16-01/27: $349
On Day of Conference: $399

“Prepare for Affection from EVERY direction!”

If this sounds like hype, I apologize… but I am more than excited. I’ve been in this business for over 7 years, and I’ve seen the difference between having the right mentors and wasting your time on everything else.

I’ve brought together a world-class faculty of “Adventure Advisors” to open your doors of abundance with sexual satisfaction and fulfillment with women. After 7 years, the greatest lesson I’ve learned is…
The BEST Way To Become Better With Women is;

So, here’s what we’ve got for you:

When you come to the Global Pickup Conference, you will get the best combination of multi-mentor instruction, you will get one day of instruction, in the field during the wildest, craziest block party with the gurus!

These are the top pick up artists and dating coachs from America, Europe, and Asia!

You will be learning from PUA’s featured in Playboy, Men’s Health, Hustler, Forbes, and other mainstream media.

With your ticket to the Conference You’ll Get:

• 2 Days Of In Class Training

• Be able to train a Full Day Infield with the “Faculty”

• A 100 Page Routine Manual (Worth Over $100)
• Participate in the Private VIP Forum
• Viewing access to the VIP Video Vault (with Over 10 Hours of Secret Camera Training Footage From the Field (Worth Over $300)
• Learn the latest breakthroughs from our Free Podcast• The official Miami Guide, with all the “Hot Spots”
• A FREE Raffle Ticket, where you’ll get a chance to win thousands of dollars of quality products, services & training throughout the conference.
• We’ll also help you find Discounts on Hotels & Food
• And Much More…

Our Speakers:

Michael Hurst
Michael Hurst (QuickKill) an established coach with over 11 years of experience in the Pickup Artist (PUA) Community who has trained almost everyone in the Washington, DC PUA community over the last 3 years. He was a longtime director of The Attraction Vault and his book Become That Guy was recently published.
For More Info http://www.becomethatguy.com

Brad P.
The top pickup artist in the world and was voted #1 Pickup Artist for 2008.
For More Info http://www.bradp.com

David Wygant
The inspiration for the movie “Hitch”. Voted the most natural guru out there.
For More Info http://www.davidwygant.com

Vince Kelvin
Global NLP and Self-Empowerment Expert for a Truly Fulfilling Social, Sex, and Love Life!
For More Info http://www.vincekelvinspodcast.com

Master of the PUA Lifestyle. Rated #3 in the world & best PUA LifeStyle Award for 2 years.
For More Info http://www.speermethod.com

Brother James
Brother James is co-owner of Professional Pickup based in Washington, DC. His philosophy is about creating rebirth in men that effortlessly attracts the women via foundations, lifestyle, and principals of attraction. He was a long-time director of The Attraction Vault and has been coaching guys for 3 years.
For More Info http://www.professionalpickup.com

John Keegan
John’s vision of a life that transcends social barriers and personal boundaries.
For More Info http://www.theawakenedlifestyle.com

Erika Awakening
Dharma Spiritual Life Coach who uses spiritually-based practices.
For More Info http://www.erikaawakening.com

Rated #7 Best PUA in the world. Entropy is the REAL DEAL.
For More Info http://www.entropypua.com

Has helped hundreds of guys through his transfromation story and coaching.
For More Info http://www.speermethod.com

Techno Slauther
His energetic teaching style, figuring out students sticking points and helping to overcome them.
For More Info http://www.lovesystems.com

SM instructor and co-host on GPC. Heartbreaker brings a whole new dimension to the game.
For More Info http://www.speermethod.com

Psych was awarded as the Best New PUA of 2008, and has worked as a lead coach for AFC Adam.
For More Info http://www.psychofgame.com

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