May 27, 2018

Erotic Story: Office Christmas Party

Here is a story I wrote a couple of years ago when I worked at a well-known management consulting firm. Erotic stories like this one are something you can send to a woman who you are attracted to as one way to build up the sexual excitement before the next time you meet.

The office Christmas party. Michael eagerly anticipated his first office Christmas party. He’d heard stories of open bars, lobsters by the ton and hot women everywhere. Only the smarter most beautiful people would do at Edwin, James & Carl strategy consultants to the world.

As he stood in line, the woman behind him smiled. Wow, awesome smile with succulent pouty lips, not too much but just enough to lead his mind toward other thoughts. She was hot, in spite of the conservative suit that she was wearing as part of the corporate culture at the firm.

Far above the raucous merriment of the Edwin, James, & Carl Holiday party below them, two figures stood close together in the faint glow of a lone lamp in the corner office of the mostly abandoned office building. They were dapper in their suits, models of an idealic corporate culture but on this night work would take a back seat for just a little while. She was tall, beautiful silky hair, black rimmed glasses like a naughty librarian and a brilliant smile which set off the most succulent lips. He was also tall, well built, a playful mischievous glean in his bright blue eyes, a careless dishevelment in his hair, the outline of his lean toned body subtly concealed by his suit for now.

As they spoke, the tension of the gaze they shared betrayed a spark of energy between them that had been building throughout the night in a knowing anticipation that was sufficient to overwhelm the inhibitions inherent in a professional work environment. He took a step closer to her invading her space just a bit, yet stood there somewhat awkwardly, his more instinctive aggressiveness was tempered by his memory of footage from the cheesy sexual harassment video he had watched in orientation class just a week before. Yet the allure of the woman whose eyes were gazing at him, her sensuous lips, and her powerful and polished presence combined with the naughty thrill, and potential danger, of violating the taboo of the work place boundary heightened the feelings of nervous anticipation. It was almost as if every ounce of energy that had been building up between them and that could exist afterward would be concentrated into that first kiss.

They had met during the party and gotten to know each other, talking throughout the night and wandered through the various tents of the lavish corporate holiday theme party, enjoying the lobster tail and wine and the desert room filled with every kind of rich chocolate truffle that could possibly exist. He invited her to an after party closer toward the city, but she couldn’t make it because she had to finish a PowerPoint deck for a client presentation. “That’s a shame,” he playfully remarked, “and haven’t you had at least 4 glasses of wine.” “All the better for this client,” she joked back to him. They wandered back toward the office tower they worked in, her to work and him to grab his coat. She shared an office on the 9th floor, which looked out toward DC in the distance, and would offer a beautiful view on this crisp evening. On the elevator ride up, he invited himself up in an innocuous way, “I wonder what the view is like from up there?” As if on cue another guy in the elevator sarcastically cracked, not much different than the view from the 5th floor. The sarcastic guy got off at the next floor and she just looked at our guy, “sure you can come up.”

They arrived at the 9th floor and came into the office. They spoke briefly, and then right when he was ready to leave her to finish off the all important client deck she leaned in, tilting her head slightly. This was all the invitation the man needed, and any hesitation he felt because they were at work quickly dissipated with that first brush against her tender lips ignited all of the tension of the connection that had been building throughout the night came flooding right through them as their lips met, as he hungrily devoured her neck with nibbles and kisses wanton lust now possessing him. The energy of the kiss came flooding through her as a warm sensual glow began spreading on down, making her cheeks flush and her pert nipples swell to attention. As they kissed, his hands roamed down her body over her ample breasts, caressing her nipples. His cock rapidly came erect, throbbing and pulsing with each beat of his accelerated heart beat and more rapid breathing. Damn, he wanted her, he could feel the heat of her body as his leg pressed up against her. Wanton lust consumed him such that he wanted to take her right on the desk …

He pushed her back against the wall pinning her hands above her head as he started nibbling her neck.

Then she stopped for a moment and pulled back “this is crazy, we shouldn’t be doing this.” He shrugged, “I suppose you’re right I shouldn’t be rubbing my hand against your clit, we shouldn’t be kissing in the training room of this empty office building, we shouldn’t but doesn’t this just seem so outrageously naughty…” “But I’m 10 years older than you, we’re in different stages of life.” “Really, we’re both single and neither one of us is necessarily looking for the person we’re going to marry, why don’t we just relax and enjoy each others company.” Just as she was about to protest, he pulled her close to him and kissed her again, this time his kisses moved down her neck toward the shoulders with sensuous nibbles and bites as he ground his leg against her and ran his fingers through her hair. She almost instantly became aroused again, not that she has cooled off much from moments before, as she began to imagine all of the fun things they would do any thoughts of resistance began to subside as she surrendered to the experience. A new found aggressiveness kicked in as she passionately started kissing him back. His flimsy arguments aside, she hadn’t been this turned on in a long time she wanted him and began to imagine all of the fun things they would do.

He moved to pull off her top, “mmm nice” as he checked her out kissing his way to her nipples, now pulling off her bra to suck on them, playfully kissing and biting them. He kissed his way down her body, his hands firmly grabbed her ass and gave it a playful smack. Her feelings of anticipation began to build at what was to come as he moved down into a squatting position his head in line with her waist. He pulled her pants down, kissing her lacy panties, feeling the heat coming from her in anticipation as he guided her legs out of them. She sat down on the table as he kissed her inner thighs, her hips writhing around in anticipation from his hot breath. He pulled her panties aside to get a little lick on the lips of her hairless vulva sending a shudder through her. He ran the width of his tongue against her with long, slow strokes that felt incredible. He pulled off the panties and her legs instinctively spread wider as she lay back on the table. His tongue began lapping up and down against the lips of her inner labia and on her clit. His mouth pulled in even closer his lips closing around her engorged clit as his tongue worked its magic against it. His mouth held her clit as his tongue rhythmically lapped against it, the velvety feeling of it between the tongue and the roof of his mouth was amazing as she could feel the energy beginning to build. She could feel the energy building through her body, taking on the hue of her favorite color, as it pulsed through her body with each rapid beat of her heart and each breath that she took, more rapidly now as she focused on her clit. And then just when she thought she couldn’t take it anymore a powerful orgasm rocked her body and came flooding right through her. Her thighs squeezed against his head as her hand held onto it, holding on for a wild ride as her hips thrust and the contractions of her muscles sent waves of pleasure cascading through her body. Gradually the contractions slowed down but it still felt really good as he gave her pussy a few more laps of the tongue.

She reached up to unbutton his shirt running her hands along his chest and dropped his pants to the ground. As she propped her head up, she could see his rock hard penis facing toward her in line with her still glistening pussy against the edge of the table. He rubbed his cock up and down against the lips and her clit, teasing it, coating his cock with her getting it ready to go inside her. She was tight, it had been awhile and she always did her kegels along with abdominal exercises. “Its been a little while, go slow.” He paused the head of his cock looked so erotic as it parted the pink lips as it penetrated her. He pulled back and slowly thrust toward her, short strokes to start with and she noticed each ridge inside of her vagina as his dick penetrated inside her. A big grin appeared on his face, the same one she saw earlier. “You knew this was going to happen didn’t you,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. “Well I thought there was a pretty good chance” he replied before slamming his cock deep inside. He firmly pulled her legs up toward his shoulders as his penis plunged deep inside all the way to the hilt. Her hands reached toward her clit while her vaginal muscles clenched against his cock, amplifying the waves of pleasure every time his cock pushed inside her. His thrusts rhythmically slammed into her with a ferocious passion and then he leaned forward and allowed her legs to spread wide his pelvic bone rocked against her clit as he maintained deep penetration. As he rocked against her, the energy began to build again allowed her to build up to another orgasm as the pressure of him ground against her.

Her legs dropped to the ground, feet resting against the floor. Her legs felt limp after having held themselves up in the air and she felt a pleasant relaxation as her body lay on the table. He pulled out and leaned in the kiss her and caressed her breasts alongside the table. But he wasn’t done yet. While she was still feeling the pleasure glow from her orgasms; he pulled her up to her feet and turned her around admiring her nice ass. “Very nice, I first noticed this in class,” as he firmly grabbed her buttocks. He bent her over the table as she rested her weight against her hands. He touched her clit with his hand and then rubbed his fingers against her on up to her ass. Then he slid his cock into her once again, this time with one long deep stroke into her already wet pussy making her gasp. His hands reached up to hold and caress her breasts as his strokes went long and deep into her.

With each thrust she began to notice the energy building up within her, the feelings of pleasure radiated through her. He continued to pound away in her, now comfortable and loose, with long smooth strokes. Gradually his tempo increased to a much faster urgency, pounding away at her as she cried out in pleasure. His hands grasped her hips and then smacked her ass with a nice hard crack. She could feel the hot sting of his smack on her ass, followed by a tingle and a lingering warmth. His thrusts had become almost violently intense now until he let out a loud cry as he began to come, really hard into her.
She began to feel his muscles start to twitch and his strokes got more urgent matching her own feelings of energy flowing through her body, until at the same instant they both began to cum. Her vaginal muscles contracting, tightening, milking his hot cum into her, coating her inside as his dick began to float within her and he relaxed his body onto her back. He lingered in her with a contented sigh.

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