March 23, 2018

Here are some books to develop your attraction and dating skills in addition to my ebooks, seminars and coaching programs.

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Pickup: Real Life Adventures of Seduction in DC

Pickup: Real Life Adventures of Seduction includes over 30 complete field reports from Michael, his coaching program clients and wingwomen. While these adventures and misadventures were fun, the purpose of this book is to provide examples so you can learn to do the same things yourself. Learn from adventures with a wide variety of women ranging from their 20s to 40s, college girls to high powered executives. See things in action in a wide variety of different places from daytime, night time, online, parties, kickball, speed dating, Meetups, even air planes. Learn what women are really thinking when it comes to sex, dating and relationships from what they said and did. The short stories contained in this brief memoir include the following ...

Become That Guy book

Become that Guy: Become Irresistibly Attractive is a dating and self-development advice book for men with exercises designed to augment my coaching program. The premise is that when you become the kind of guy who is naturally attractive to women, you get what you want while being honest and clear in your intent. The book covers everything from developing your confidence, to social skills and beliefs and concepts about relationships and sexuality in a practical approach. Specific drills and exercises are included to develop self confidence and communication skills.