March 23, 2018

Pickup: Real Life Adventures of Seduction in DC

Have you ever read an article or book, watched a video or listened to a podcast about how to meet women and then didn’t know how to get started?  

Or maybe you did get started and are making some progress, but would like to see real life examples where you can see the whole story from A- Z with every detail included.  

You all asked for it, so here it is! 

Pickup-346x380_book_image1-273x300Pickup: Real Life Stories of Seduction in DC includes over 30 complete “field report” journal entries describing in step-by-step detail how myself, and my clients from my dating coach business met and had sex with a variety of women over the years. I even include a story by one of our wingwomen who had a threesome and from a sex blogger’s account of how she seduced me. These stories were very fun to write and are very entertaining to read, however rather than just to brag or entertain, the purpose is to educate by demonstrating how we went from one step to another. This includes handling various challenges and situations where we learned from our mistakes. 

These stories came from the private journals or myself and my clients from what has sometimes been described as the Pickup Artist (PUA) community. However I like to thing of this as more than just picking up women, it was also about self development, connecting with others and even bonding with our fellow man. The purpose of these stories was to record our experiences in our journals which were keep for just myself and with my private clients …until now. Once called a “somewhat kinder, less-drunk version of Tucker Max” I can now share them with the world.

While not using any names or personally identifying information so we could protect a woman’s privacy we would document what happened, what worked, what didn’t work and what we learned. These stories include analysis and explanations for why we did what we did, said what we said, and what we observed.  They show in great detail word-for-word conversations, text message exchanges and actions. Along the way many funny adventures and misadventures occurred, but always in good fun as part of our experiment in living life and enjoying the company of women.

Originally locked away in secrecy on private discussion forums and available only to private coaching clients these stories are now available for you to read. Most, but not all of these stories also take place in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Watch as these types of adventures and tactics work with very well-educated ambitious women on the east coast of the U.S. 

Learn from a variety of different places to meet women including: coffee shops during the day, bars, clubs and meetups during the night time hours, from parties, kickball leagues, Ok Cupid online dating, speed dating events and even air planes! See the table of contents below for a complete outline of the stories included. The experiences that include myself as well as a few stories from my clients include a wide variety of women ranging from:  

  • College sorority girls, Ivy league grads, grad students and international students.  
  • Busy professionals including workaholic lawyers, lobbyists, consultants and scientistis
  • Teachers, artists, nurses, peace core hippy chicks and models 
  • An author of erotic stories who was once a stripper 
  • Recent divorcees in their 30s, busy executives in their 40s and many many more. 

There were a wide variety of personality types as well as physical types.  In addition to being adventures driven by lust and connecting with women, even if just for a little while, we also learned a great deal from our encounters. Learn from my experience and those of my students what women really respond to when it comes to sex, dating and relationships from what they did and what they shared with us. This ebook also includes an index so the reader can identify stories that demonstrate experiences that illustrate situations they would like some advice about. Instead of just getting tips and advice see how things played out for us in real time and how we read the situation, acted and responded. Many stories also include feedback and analysis from the discussion forum, where questions were answered and further analysis given.    Topics covered in the stories include: 

  • AMOGs – dealing with other men who might be obstacles 
  • Bar pickups – How to survey the room, pick your targets, figure out logistics and more 
  • Body language (reading a woman’s) / Indicators of Interest / approach invitations 
  • Body language (projecting confidence, establishing rapport, sexual chemistry and more  
  • Breaking up, dealing with your emotions and getting your mojo back 
  • Client seduction success stories and analysis ranging from college guys in their 20s, and divorcees in their 30s and 40s 
  • College girls, how you to can get with them whether you are still in college or even if you are now 10, 15, 20 years older 
  • Dance Floor game step-by-step even if you don’t know how to dance, from first meeting, to chemistry, sexual chemistry to heading home
  • Day game and Day 2s – Maybe you couldn’t take her home that first night, but you can take a lot of the chance out of the next time you meet and save a lot of time and frustration. 
  • Divorcees and other women on the rebound, how to seduce and how not to drive them away, just don’t look for a relationship 
  • Friends, talking to her friends, groups of women, mixed sets, friend interrupts, dealing with hostile cock-blocks 
  • Friends with Benefits, how to find women likely to be open to this, how to set expectations, develop and manage the realtionship(s) 
  • Kissing and going for make out smoothly and easily 
  • Handwriting analysis and other conversation starter routines or playful games  
  • Last Minute Reluctance / Resistance (LMR) (how to prevent and how to handle it) 
  • Meetups / Recreational spots and planned singles events 
  • Online game / Ok Cupid – efficiently screen for what you are looking for using the match making questions and algorithm, escalate rapidly and efficiently with little effort. 
  • Relationships, longer term ones, how to pick the right woman (and avoid those that are bat shit crazy) 
  • Same Night / Same day Lay (SNL) with a rapid progression toward sex 
  • Screening – know what you want from a woman, and a specific situation, challenge her, challenge yourself and align your actions to match your goals. 
  • Story telling – How to use stories to convey positive qualities about you, trigger the right kinds of emotional responses and quickly get her turned on. 
  • Sexting / texting – dirty talk by text message and  x-rated pictures, with basic guidelines and formulas and word for word examples you can use 
  • Sexual dirty talk (in person) – How to introduce topics in a way that is playful and not creepy 
  • Physical sexual escalation, sexual dominance – Rapidly and powerfully get her turned on and establish unbelievably strong chemistry so that sex comes naturally as part of your interaction. 
  • Speed Dating – How to make this work if you really want to, hint its not going to be done in 4 minutes or by saying the same stuff over and over again. 
  • Traveling out of town – How to use this to your advantage, where to go and which women to look for
  • Virgins  – Just because they are in their 20s and have never done it before doesn’t mean they aren’t ready to jump into the sack with the right guy 
  • Wingman  – How to work together to deal with obstacles, disappointment and support your guys to persist and be successful 
  • Wingwomen – How they can be your greatest ally, and analyst especially when reading women and dealing with groups of women if she is savvy. However beware the wingwoman who is trying to be helpful but does not really get the game. 

The book and the topics covered was originally used as a supplement to complement my coaching programs and my book “Become That Guy: Become Irresistibly Attractive.” However the feedback I got from my guys was that while learning all of the concepts from the standpoint of a giant outline was effective, seeing the stories where the concepts are put into action was an even faster and more powerful way to learn.  So if you’ve gotten bogged down or stuck learning from books, audio and video and would like to just see it all in action, this is the book for you. It’s like I’ve told my clients, why learn how to build a grenade when you can just take one, pull the pin and throw it? Why make things more complicated when you can just see what has worked and model it to get results tonight with this ebook which is available for immediate download as a PDF file.  Order Your Copy of “Pickup: Real LIfe Adventures of Seduction” today

The short stories contained in this memoir include the following …

Table of Contents for Pickup: Real Life Adventures of Seduction

Introduction                                                                                     7

Mile High Mike: Seduction at 35,000 feet                                      12

Temping and banging my boss                                                        16

Quiet party and being the rebound guy                                         23

Quiet party and lock jaw girl                                                            29

Halloween House party: The pimp seduces the dark angel        34

Get Laid or bust: Gym pool pickup                                                40

Chance meeting leads to secret tryst during business trip         49

The Nanny part 1: Using a “bad” reputation to my advantage   55

The Nanny part 2: ill-fated San Fran trip and the Canadian       57

Panera Pickup: An Afternoon Delight                                          61

Virgin Intern: A “Lucky” Bar Pickup                                            69

Going out solo: Bar pickup while out alone                                 74

Catching a Cougar: in town for the weekend                             83

Accenture hot blonde who became friends with benefits          87

Kickball, running from the law and talking my way out of it    95

A Virgin at a Kickball party?!                                                       100

Super Sex Crazed Blonde: Saturday Night and Day 2              105

Seducing a song bird with cock blocking friends                      122

Energetic Egyptian – Daytime pickup to day 2 hookup           130

Statute of Limitations                                                                   137

Redhead Model: Dance Floor Pickup                                          140

Tall Strawberry Blonde: Weekday night meetup pickup                     159

Newbie first bar make-out during infield                                              164

Feminist Intern at the bar while coaching the Newbie            168

Sweet Tits Shows Some Southern Hospitality                            175

Sorority President: The panties do come off!                            179

Divorced Client in his 40s: Online Game Close                          186

ElectroPussyMagnet: (my client) bangs HBNaughtyTeacher  188

Conservative girl and some hard core sexting                          193

Client Lay Report: 4th time was the charm                                 205

Speed Dating and Sexting leads to a Speedy Seduction            210

Client Ok Cupid pickup and midnight trip to Ocean City                      219

Sex Blogger Shag from                                           225

4 ½ foot tall client loses his virginity to a 6-foot blonde          228

Newly separated after 8 years of sexless marriage                   237

Ok Cupid online dating Pickup while visiting my parents          244

The Naughty Nebraskan from and Typo Sexting  255

Midnight Metro Pickup                                                                 267

Erotic Story Writer former stripper Role Play from          272

Online Dating step-by-step Online                                                          279

Index                                                                                              281

 – – – – -

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