March 23, 2018


Testimonials Page

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More reviews of Michael from private discussion forums:

Michael has a passion for the subject and is a ego-less Guru of pickup, he has a quick mind and is a cool guy to boot. Zengame

This guy knows his fucking shit. High energy, value giver, all around cool dude. – Colt45

Killer instinct. NLP master. Awesome guy and a great teacher. Has taught me tons of great stuff. – Magellan

This guy is a master of NLP, and a general all-around good dude. Great wing! – EPM

Holy Shit! One day of meeting this guy; After watching this guy in action he is amazing. Can be cool and take a girl home at the same Time. AWESOME DUDE! – Color

AMAZING wing. And you better believe he gets the girl. It’s a walk in the park for this guy.

Always making out with some girl. Watch out for this man!! – Horizon

Fun guy to wing, has a lot of value to offer and has a very positive vibe. – guff

Has so much value to offer and will not hesitiate to share. His technologies are so strong women can feel his sexual energy miles away. Awesome wing who is unstoppable – TerminateHer

In a class all his own… dangerous in a great way! – De_agua

Dude has mad skill in NLP and in the pickup community from its ROOTS! Great attitude and willing to improve his already solid game. – Casanova