May 27, 2018

IT Sales Professional in his late 20s

Review of Michael’s coaching program workshop – August 2009
This is a long overdue review of Michael’s become that guy seminar. Hope it helps.

After attending an extensive 2 day weekend workshop with Michael I decided to take the plunge into his 4 week program. I thought it was a great bargain compared to other expensive stuff out there.

Typically each week we started with the a class workshop going over NLP and general social concepts and patterns. The classes were long and went over a lot of material. There were handouts with a lot material to practice and study.

After the classes we went out to local bars and did in field sessions. The great things I got out of the infield part was how easily Michael was able to initiate with good energy and simple conversation. One of my sticking points was trying to over think of complicated ways to get conversations started. Just watching him closely he was able to disprove a lot of community theory that you needed to be super strategic in opening. I mirrored some of his style and found great results on opening.

Another good thing I got out of the workshop was a realistic perspective on meeting women and a quantitative approach similar to sales. That if you focus on opening an x number of conversations with women a Y amount will hook and turn into a solid conversation. Some will be interested, some won’t, so what. As you get better you can improve upon this. This painted a realistic picture that its better to keep talking to lots of women until things start to get going. When you keep these things in mind you get less attached to outcomes and one particular girl etc.. (for the most part!)

In addition to night game we did some day time outings. Michael opened up many sets and groups, often with higher energy. To my surprise I was also able to use high energy to open sets in the streets and shops etc..

Day game also presented a good way to practice NLP patterns (engaging stories and vivid descriptions) to see how they are effective with day time conversation. Both myself and another student had a lot of day game experience we were able to tweak Michael’s material to our day game.

There was also phone coaching. We had several phone sessions during the course. These were supposed to be 30 minute sessions, but sometimes went as long as 90 minutes. He made sure that a student got all his necessary questions answered before ending a call and even stayed up late to talk.

Now the areas which were challenging were the NLP concepts which can take some practice to get down right. We were given several patterns and themes to work with. It would probably take more than one course to master some of the patterns given . Some work better than others for different guys.

The course demonstrated that concepts and tools from NLP work. Michael gave me homework to write stories which he would take time to edit and review. I went over the stories on the phone and got coached into how to make them more interesting and engaging.

Overall Michael is very focused on the student and makes himself available beyond what is initially designated.

If you are willing to put the work in and do the homework and ask a lot of questions you can get a lot out of the course!!!

I got the most learning in field by watching Michael open and get into patterns. This way I could mirror the concepts myself and rapidly learn them.

NLP pattern was extensive, it will take more than just a 4 week class to get better with it. There are long pages of notes that will take some practice. Michael will give you homework and will help you get better by coaching you through it.


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