March 23, 2018


Friends with Benefits Seminar

“Why can’t we just have sex without all of the complications and problems that come with a relationship?" Now You can, just like in movies with the How to have “Friends with Benefits” Seminar. Learn how to develop these kinds of relationships for those periods of time when you don't want a relationship but also don't want to just run through a series of one-night stands either.

Be Irresistibly Attractive: Weekend seminar

This seminar will give you an A to Z roadmap from meeting a woman to taking her home and a longer term relationship. Learn through drills and demonstrations how to get into a confident frame of mind and approach with confidence. Become an engaging conversationalist, develop confident body language skills. Learn how to build feeling of intimacy and develop sexual chemistry through touch. See conversational skills demonstrated live with a woman; ask her questions to what she thinks and what turns her on.

Text Message Mastery seminar: How to be a fun flirt with text messages

Have you ever had a great initial meeting but then didn’t know what to say or how to follow up to meet her again? In this seminar learn how to use text messages to keep the spark of attraction going from your initial meeting or develop it after meeting someone from an online dating site. Turn that phone number into a fun and exciting 2nd meeting, or first meeting from online dating. Learn how text messages can be a way to develop your conversation skills in person.

Handwriting Analysis as a conversational technique for Dating

Learn a powerful skill and routine to keep one person or a group of people intrigued and entertained without having to be exceptionally witty. Handwriting gets people talking about their favorite topic: themselves. This takes a lot of the pressure off you to keep up an interesting conversation, while allowing you to add interest and value to your interactions.

Secrets to Rapidly Build Sexual Chemistry

Attractive women are constantly presented with opportunities for sex from men. What would happen if you knew how to meet women and rapidly build feeling of attraction so she starts becoming sexually attracted to you from the first moment she meets you? What if you knew how to communicate in such a way that is ready and eagerly looking forward to the next time she will meet with you, or is ready to go home with you the first night that you meet her?

How to Be Sexually Addictive

When you become the kind of guy who is willing and able to do what it takes to satisfy a woman, your life becomes one of pleasure and abundance. Imagine what it’s like to have the confidence that you know how to satisfy a woman and have her eager to come for more. In this seminar develop your knowledge of a woman’s anatomy. Learn specific sexual techniques for oral sex, stimulating the g-spot, deep spot and more. Learn how to last longer, have stronger erections and more. Whether you have little experience with women or are already very confident, this event is sure to teach you a thing or two to rock a woman's world.