March 23, 2018

Text Message Mastery seminar: How to be a fun flirt with text messages

Have you ever had a great initial meeting with a woman but then never been able to meet up with her again?

Or you didn’t know what to say next when you contacted her by text message or when you called her?

In this seminar I teach you how to use text messages to meet a woman and lead her to wanting to be with you by leading you through an example of a real life seduction from the first text just minutes after we had met and briefly talked at a speed dating event to her coming over to my house in the middle of the night after dropping her friends off.

You will learn:

  • A few brief tips from my comprehensive course on how to set the frame or context based on what you want out of your interaction.
  • What to text a girl the very same night you meet her so she’ll come over.
  • How to use text messages in a way that continues the conversation so that she will answer when you call and meet you in person.
  • How to be playfully fun and challenging in such a way that she feels intrigued and compelled to pursue you just as much or more than you pursue her.
  • How to smoothly and playfully introduce sexual themes within the first few minutes of meeting her, such that she even says  “I can’t believe I’m talking about this,” but then is actively involved in the most playful, fun conversation with you.
  • What to avoid that will be annoying or boring that will make her not want to message you back.
  • Learn how to build trust and comfort in your text messages so that she feels comfortable meeting you.
  • Learn how to lead her past any nervousness and address any concerns she voices so that she feels comfortable meeting up with you and having sex.

Here’s what others are saying about this seminar

This was very well organized, taught and put together. Michael did an excellent job of presenting himself and the content. Texting, being a relatively new thing, is something that has been embraced by a very LARGE amount of women, and many use it to communicate exclusively. It is imperative that you are with the ‘in’ crowd and know how to text properly. Great seminar! One of the best I’ve been to yet. Great job Michael!

Alex Q.

What I liked best about this seminar was that Michael used a real life example and explained what he did step by step. It was very helpful to learn not only know what to say, but his reasoning and way of interpreting what she said. Now that I know what to do and why to do it I can create my own messages and respond to what she has to say in a way that feels genuine and authentic while also being effective.

Joe W.

While this course was extremely valuable for text messaging itself as an effective way to keep in touch with a woman and arrange a date. It was also very valuable because I saw how I could use text messaging as a way to practice being more witty. Since you have a moment to think before you send a text message back I saw this as a great way to practice becoming a better conversationalist.

Matt H.