March 23, 2018

How to Be Sexually Addictive

Who else wants to Be The Kind of Guy Who Has What it Takes to Pleasure a woman in such that she is eager to come back for more while she brags about you to her Friends?

When you become the kind of guy that is sexually skilled and willing to do what it takes to satisfy a woman, your life becomes one of pleasure and abundance. When you know what you are doing sexually, women will come back for more, as a friend with benefits, an occasional hookup or want to be your full-time girlfriend. Imagine what it feels like to have the confidence that you know how to satisfy and woman and have her eager to come for more from the moment you meet her.  Women talk to their friends about sex in great detail and sometimes even refer guys to their friends – welcome to the secret society.

This event is for men who are genuinely interested in learning how to pleasure a woman. Whether you have little experience with women or have been having sex for years and are already very skilled, this event is sure to teach you a thing or two to  rock a woman’s world.


  • Learn several specific things you can do tonight to make a woman cum from oral sex really hard, even if you are already very experienced with women.
  • Become even more confident when you meet a woman and escalate the interaction towards sex.
  • How to use your fingers both with and without your mouth in the right way, rather than in a way that is painful or uncomfortable.
  • How to find and stimulate the G – spot
  • Practical information about a woman anatomy and health and how it plays into sex
  • Make her horny and responsive from your touch and your voice
  • Seduce a woman with your mind, through your words, through the phone, emails and text messages. Build the sexual tension until she is ready to attack you!
  • Develop a new form of confidence and self-assurance that is Irresistibly
    attractive to women, where women intuitively know that you will be a great lover.
  • Develop the attitude and mindset it takes to be a great lover.
  • Ask woman attendess about their turn-ons and turn-offs.  What gets them horny, and what just kills things?
  • These and much more, taught through the use of stimulating visual aids!


Women are welcome and encouraged to come to this event as guests free of charge. If you as a woman would like to contribute to men becoming more skilled, enlightened lovers, this is your chance.


Check for next seminar announcement coming soon.  Cost is $30, guys bring a female friend/ girlfriend for no additional charge.  Location will be sent to attendees and will in NW Washington, DC or Northern Virginia inside the beltway close to a metro stop. Contact michael at with any questions. Click here to sign up for the How to Pleasure a Woman Seminar


From a Cosmopolitan Europen in DC:

We start making out some more and again the clothes are off and he goes down on me. This time I had a much stronger orgasm, even better than the one in the park. I really LOVE guys that think about pleasuring the lady first. I could tell that he got a kick out of pleasuring me and I absolutely didn’t mind at all. We then cuddle and go to bed.

We wake up the day after and we get it on again. This time he decided to fuck me first and OHH MY did he fuck me hard! I was literally SCREAMING it was so good! He then went down on me again and this time it was really intense, I was on the verge of climax for so long that he had to slow things down to help me get there and OHH MY GOD! AMAZING orgasm!