March 23, 2018

Be Irresistibly Attractive: Weekend seminar

During the weekend seminar and coaching program I will cover many of tools, tactics and techniques that I have learned over the last 10 years from my experience in public speaking, consulting, sales and event marketing. This seminar will involve a lot of hands on drills and exercises to really develop your ability to powerfully lead a woman.  There is also have an evening infield portion with wingwomen.   Drop me an email at michael at or signup for my email list to be notified of the details.

Here are some things you will learn:

  • Take control of your emotional state and banish problematic states of mind like approach anxiety and other social fears and phobias
  • Learn  a step by step roadmap from meeting a woman to sex and possibly a longer term relationship.
  • Rapidly build powerful levels of rapport and trust within seconds or minutes of meeting someone
  • How to introduce sexual topics to your conversation in a way that is not sleazy or weird
  • Develop more empowering beliefs so that you can become your best self.
  • Learn ways to move and stand that will make you naturally attractive to women.
  • Set and control the Frame of the interaction so that you smoothly and easily get what you want.
  • Activate your awareness so that you can become really good at reading where a woman is at and know how to lead her to where you want to go
  • Lead her to become unbelievable attracted to you in seconds through your skillful use of language
  • Link her feelings of attraction to you in such a way that you can get her right back in the same state at will
  • Be unapologetically direct in about your sexual intent in a way that women are attracted to and feel comfortable responding to. Never get put in the “friend zone” again.