March 21, 2018

What do women want? It’s not that different from what men want


If you listen enough to the media and some people Society men and women are very different in how they think and what they look for. While books like Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus make some useful points, oftentimes our media and individuals focus on the differences between men and women more […]

Smoothly introduce sexual topics to a conversation: 5 easy ways


I have often been asked how you can introduce sexual themes to a conversation in a way that turns a woman on rather than turn her off. Unfortunately most men miss the boat by either A) Being too forward or awkward in a way that a woman might find off-putting where they are unattractive or […]

Be Observant – Demonstrate Awareness of her Reality

One key to building rapport and to leading a social interaction is the ability to demonstrate authority and understanding of what is real in her world. By authority I don’t mean the kind of authority that involves dictating what someone can and cannot do. The kind of authority I mean is to demonstrate understanding and […]