March 21, 2018

Weekend bootcamp with Vince Kelvin Feb 5 – 6

Vince Kelvin

Weekend Seminar Bootcamp I will be co-training a weekend day game seminar/bootcamp February 4 -6 in Washington, DC area that will be sent to attendees. Signup here to take advantage of the early signup discount .  Possible guest co-trainers may include some of the other trainers from the Global PUA Conference in Washington, DC Jan […]

Become That Guy book now available for sale

BTG_cover image002

“Become that Guy: Become Irresistibly Attractive” book by Michael Hurst is now for sale. Buy and pickup in person in the Washington, DC area or order online for delivery or for Amazon Kindle.

What do women want? It’s not that different from what men want


If you listen enough to the media and some people Society men and women are very different in how they think and what they look for. While books like Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus make some useful points, oftentimes our media and individuals focus on the differences between men and women more […]

Are you waiting to be "good" with women before Attempting to Meet Any?

One common concern I have gotten from guys who are working to have more power and choice in their interactions with women is that they don’t think they are “ready” to meet women yet. Or they keep opening or attempting to learn “the skills” without continuing to escalate the interaction toward what they want. This […]

Are you Playing to Win or to not lose?

“Glance at what you might have to lose, but focus on what you want to win.” This quote by the U.S. General George Patton during World War II was a response to his take on the British General Montgomery. Montgomery was so afraid to lose that he did not take the steps necessary to win. […]

Bad experience bugging you: reframe it to turn it upside down

Got a bad experience from the past that is still bugging you?  How about this scenario: you approach a woman and she responds to your witty line with a rude back turn where she just ignores you.  Depending on your frame of mind there are many different ways you could choose to respond to this.  […]

If she is interested … keep going!

One mistake I have seen many men make as they start learning to become more confident with women is that they make some progress with a woman and generate some interest and then stop the conversation when she was interested in continuing it.  I’ve heard guys express a mindset that sounds similar to an investor […]