March 23, 2018

No Strings Attached Sex: Advice Pod Cast

Here is another one of my Pod Casts. This question is from a guy about a woman who says she wants No Strings Attached Sex. Listen to the podcast for some helpful advice on how to handle this situation. Here is one of my stories that turned into Friends With Benefits the divorcee getting out of […]

Take her home, she won’t be fooled by excuses


One thing that gets in the way of success for many guys is a limiting belief that women don’t really like sex that much or somehow have to be bribed or talked into it.  This message has been reinforced in pop culture many times over, and it is understandable how a man could think that […]

Pickup Artist Story: Speed Dating Leads to a Speedy Seduction

This is a story about how I picked up a woman from a Speed Dating event in May 2010. I talked to her in person for about 20 minutes, continued the conversation by text message and had her meet me at my place later that night. While these stories are fun, they are also meant […]

Meet women on the dance floor – even if you can’t dance


This article comes from an answer to a question I got from one of my coaching clients requesting a road map on how to pickup a woman on the dance floor and lead her toward being with you.  Here is my response, also some of the same moves are demonstrated in my story: The Redhead […]