May 27, 2018

Text Message seminar in DC: March 29

Have you ever met someone, and hit it off but then weren’t able to meet again

Or maybe you do meet up for a date but you can’t get the same sexual chemistry and attraction that you had the first time you met.

For those of you who have attended my other seminars and read my stories this is a classic review and extension of how I use text messages to rapidly build upon and bridge initial attraction until we can meet for sex.  Oftentimes this is the same night I met them, or it is no longer a question of if, only when. Based on the live seminar, this webinar uses real life examples to show you how to bridge the gap between first meeting her or first contact from online dating to meeting up with her for sex.

At this seminar you will learn how to:

• Actively Screen and test (qualify) for what you want during the initial meeting. Avoid common mistakes that could let the conversation die instead of the two of you getting it on.

• Use text messages to follow-up with her in such a way that you continue the conversation rather than have an abrupt break before calling or texting her in the future.

• Learn how to smoothly and playfully introduce sex to the conversation within the first few minutes of meeting her, so that she says “I can’t believe I’m talking about this even though I just met you.”

• Plant the seeds for future events during the initial meeting and through your text conversations so that it seems like the two of you have already had fun before you have met each other.

• How to actively use NLP in text messages and how to use text messages to easily learn this powerful yet frequently misunderstood collection of persuasive language techniques.

• Demonstrate that you are actively speaking the same  language to her. A few simple tips will allow you to lead her to push the limits to be more sexual with her text messages.

• Use text messages to increase the likelihood that she will answer your call or meet you in person.

• Build solid rapport the first time you meet them – in person or online so that she comes over to your house that night, while the chemistry is still there rather than trying to wait for another day.


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Here’s past attendees are saying about the Text Message seminar / webinar 

This was very well organized, taught and put together. Michael did an excellent job of presenting himself and the content. Texting, being a relatively new thing, is something that has been embraced by a very LARGE amount of women, and many use it to communicate exclusively. It is imperative that you are with the ‘in’ crowd and know how to text properly.Great seminar! One of the best I’ve been to yet. Great job Michael!

Alex Q.


What I liked best about this seminar was that Michael demonstrated everything he did using real life examples and explained what he did step by step. It was very helpful to learn not only know what to say, but his reasoning and way of reading and responding to what she said. Now that I know what to do and why to do it I can create my own messages and respond to what she has to say in a way that feels genuine and authentic while also being effective.Joe W.

 See real life examples like these captured off an iphone and also mirrored live. 


This course was extremely valuable for learning text messaging as an effective way to keep things going with a woman and arrange a day 2. And it was also valuable because I always used to feel that I run out of things to talk about and I saw how I could use text messaging as a way to practice my game. Since you have a moment to think before you send a text message back I saw this as a great way to practice becoming a better conversationalist.Matt H.

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About Michael

Michael Hurst is a dating consultant in Washington, DC, author and speaker.   Michael first discovered the men’s dating education Community or Pickup Artist Community (PUA) back in 1999 and has been professionally coaching mostly men and some women for the last couple of years.  He has been a speaker at several national dating conferences across the U.S. including the World Pickup Artist Summit in Hollywood and the recent Global Pickup Conference in Washington, DC Recently Michael Hurst appeared as a guest on the .

Michael is the author of the book “Become That Guy:  Become Irresistibly Attractive” a comprehensive resource toward dating and self-development for men. When you become that guy who is irresistibly attractive you can be powerfully direct and authentic, secure that you can have the kinds of relationships that you really want. As he wrote the book and got feedback from women, Michael realized that most of the concepts that he teaches to men also were helpful to women and has since started coaching some women as well as men. A book for women is forthcoming in the next year.

Michael blends his personal experience and experience coaching others with almost 10 years of experience in public speaking, sales and marketing, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Handwriting Analysis. Go to his website for more information about his coaching, seminars and to read free articles and field reports of his adventures.

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