May 27, 2018

Text messages and Following up – Seminar May 26

I will be hosting a free talk for The Attraction Vault on Wednesday May 26 at 7:30 – 10:00 at a location to be announced in DC.

Send me an email to confirm your seat today michael at becomethat guy dot com.  This seminar will also kick off my next round of coaching, and a weekend seminar the first weekend in June.

Have you ever had a great initial meeting but then never been able to meet up for a day 2 or even later on the same night? Or maybe you do meet up for a day 2 but nothing really happens in terms of escalating physically and sexually?

This seminar will focus on:

• Actively Screening and testing for what you want during the initial meeting. Don’t hold back thinking it gets easier to delay introducing sexual themes or other topics that you think are controversial. However there are some ways to make this work more smoothly and cohesively.

• Planting the seed in the conversation for future experiences you might have with her.
• Future Pacing events between the two of you so that it seems like the two of you have already had fun before you have met each other.
• Using text to follow-up with her in such a way that you continue the conversation rather than have an abrupt break before calling or texting her in the future.
• Escalating your text messages in a way that uses her own thoughts and words so that she accepts them and escalates back.
• Increasing the likelihood that she will answer your call and go for a day 2, if that is what you want to do because of logistics.
• Setting up a situation where she comes over to your house that night, rather than waiting for a day 2 or longer.

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