March 23, 2018

Washington Post features DC Dating Coach Michael Hurst

The Washington Post series “Dated in DC” by Craig Schattner features DC Dating Coach Michael Hurst in its latest episode which discusses how to respond to the question “What do you do?”

Knowing what to talk about on a date and how to start the conversation can be a challenge and is a large part of why people work with me as a dating coach. In Washington, DC the question “what to you do” inevitably comes up in a conversation. People do this because it is a huge part of their life, because they don’t know what else to talk about, or because they think it is a good way to get someone to talk about themselves. Unfortunately this question can be annoying to some people and you may not feel that what you do for a living defines who you really are, what you are passionate about and what you would really like to talk about.


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