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Dating apps are one of the fastest growing and most popular ways to meet new people and build connections, friendships and potentially find romantic partners. In fact, more than 40% of heterosexual couples in the USA admit to meeting online – and apps are just the latest advancement in making online dating more accessible.

With online dating websites and apps growing in popularity every day, it can be difficult to know which dating sites and apps are the best for you and what you’re looking for in a partner. No two dating apps are the same, and an increasing number of sites and apps are catering to different audiences and niches – for example there are apps for local hookups, serious relationships, LGBT specialised – and even dating apps for the ethnicity or job type of the person you’re seeking a relationship with.

Finding the best dating apps for you is often a personal decision, but when it comes to dating apps in general, our review found there are definitely some that are better than the rest.

OneNightFriend logo
5 /5 is a popular US based dating site with a downloadable app on both Android and Apple. The free to download app can be downloaded directly from your app stores, or through the dating website (also available on desktop and browsers).

Over 500,000 active members are located in the USA with the site also popular in other counties. The average age of people on the site is between 25 and 35 and paid memberships cost between $17.70 and $39 – becoming increasingly discounted as you sign up for longer periods of time.

Experts’ Opinion: great dating site and app for young people – more difficult for older singles.

Benaughty logo
5 /5

Although there is no dating app available the dating site is optimised to work on both desktop and mobile browsers. The site helps both couples and singles to meet others for casual relationships and flings.

The site, like many dating sites has many more men than women – but the site does receive over 120,000 weekly active visitors from the USA alone. The site costs 99c per day or $16 per month (when signing up for three months or more).

Experts’ Opinion: lack of app is made up for by a great mobile optimised website.

NaughtyDate logo
5 /5 is a popular website that has over 300,000 members in the USA alone, as well as 3,000 unique daily logins. The site is much more popular with men than women, with 3 men to every woman on the site.

The majority of the sites members are aged between 25 and 35. The site is free to register for, however paid member ship is required to make contact with other members, costing between $17 and $40 per month, depending on how many months you sign up for.

Experts’ Opinion: high number of males makes the site competitive for men, however women have their pick.

QuickFlirt logo
4 /5

If you’re looking for a more traditional and honest approach to online dating, and you’re looking for a lasting connection, your soul mate or true love, is probably the best site for you.

The site uses personality, conversation and an expert algorithm in order to help singles connect on a more profound level. The site has more men than women and the majority of members are over the age of 25. Premium access is required to communicate with your matches and costs between 99c per day and $16 per month (becoming more discounted the longer you sign up for). There is no app available.

Experts’ Opinion: one of the best dating sites for helping singles find meaningful connections and relationships.

Cupid logo
4 /5 is one of the world’s biggest dating websites, with over 1.7 million site visits per month and a million members in the USA alone. The site has more men than women (65% and 35% respectively).

The site has an app that is free to download and you can use either your email or Facebook credentials to sign up for an account. The site offers many free features – including access to chatrooms – however in order to message other members you’ll need a premium account costing between $16 and $24 dollars per month.

Experts’ Opinion: a great dating app and site that lets users communicate with others for free.

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Dating Apps: How to Choose the Best

As previously mentioned, the dating app you choose in order to kick start your dating life and meet new people for relationships, mostly depends on what you’re looking for in both a person and a relationship. However, that doesn’t mean to say you shouldn’t pay attention to other things on the app before deciding to sign up.

Although finding a dating app that suits you is important, its also important to choose a site or app that works for you in terms of communication – do you want to reach out to people and send that first message or are you looking for a site with an algorithm that brings your most compatible matches directly to your inbox?

Whilst it is important to choose the best site for what you’re looking for and your preferred style of communication – it’s also important to consider the validity and trustworthiness of the website or dating app before signing up, as well as the number of active visitors, male to female ratios and how much a premium membership might cost.

Dating Apps: How do They Work?

Online dating is as old as the internet, and like with many popular websites – including Facebook, Twitter and even Google – the introduction of smart phones saw many companies turn to the use of an app. An app is simply a concentrated version of a website or platform, that is easier to use and optimised for mobile and touch capabilities rather than a mouse.

Apps are now so popular many new apps – such as TikTok and Instagram – started as an App and have no or poorly functioning webpages. Dating apps work exactly as dating sites do, but like the other apps on your phone or tablet they’re easier to use than traditional websites – and you can use them on the go.

Getting Started: Registration

Registering for apps and websites is fairly simple. Simply visit the website in question or download the dating app from the app store on your phone or tablet. Most sites will require you to provide your name, email address and your sexual preference or what you’re looking for and you should be registered with the site or app. Some apps and websites will require email verification – which usually is simply clicking a link in an email you’ll receive. Once you’re registered you can move forward with any questionnaires the site requires or jump straight into building your profile and meeting new people.

Meeting New People: Saying Hi

In the real world the only real way to start a conversation with someone is to by reaching out and saying hi and for those of us who have problems with our confidence or speaking up, not being able to say hi can hold us back.

However, online dating not only gives you the ability to be yourself and more confident through your screen – it also means you don’t have to say hi to catch someone’s attention. Most dating sites offer a range of different communication tools – from sending likes and winks, to using flirtcasts to send pre-written messages to all your matches at once. Like galleries are also a great way to let someone know you like the look of them without worrying about whether or not they will message you back.

Are Dating Apps Trustworthy and How do You Know?

With so many dating apps to choose from it can be difficult to know which ones to trust and which ones to avoid. There are hundreds if not thousands of dating apps to choose from but not all of them work as well as others, and like with dating sites, some are less legit than others. We review each new app and dating site ourselves, in order to learn which apps are most trustworthy based not only on the company who creates them but also on the quality of members you will meet through the platform.

Your app store on either Android or iPhone will let you see what the most popular dating sites are and the most recent reviews are often a good rule of thumb to working out what ones are legit – however, many sites buy reviews for places like the app store and choosing a comprehensive review into all aspects of the site, from an independent expert are often a much better source of information. You can find some of our in depth reviews here:

Advantages of Dating Apps

Like with dating websites, apps have their pros and cons when it comes to looking for relationships. Whether you’re after something casual or something serious, or whether you’re hoping to connect through conversation or an algorithm there are a number of great advantages to choosing apps:

  • Easy to use on the go.
  • Simple to set up.
  • Free and easy to download.
  • Easy to share media such as photos and videos.
  • Stay in touch even when you’re travelling.

Disadvantages of Dating Sites

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect – apps included and even some of the best dating sites in the world can have their disadvantages. However, everything has pros and cons – it’s just about finding the balance between the two. Some of the biggest cons of using dating apps are:

  • Fake or bot accounts.
  • Scammers or people hoping to make money from you.
  • Sometimes you need to call to cancel premium memberships.
  • Not all accounts are verified.
  • You have to pay to be able to contact people on the app.
How do I start a conversation?

Dating apps offer a wide range of communication methods to help you reach out to other members.

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Are there good dating apps for iPhone?

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