Best Dating Sites for the 30s

In your 30s, you are probably seeking peace of mind, and you want someone to share it with, or maybe you want to start a new relationship after the last one didn’t go as plan. Nevertheless, they are a couple of good dating sites that would grant your wish of finding love again. These dating sites would link you with singles of similar age groups, sexual preferences, and desires. Signing up on them is free and would take less than five minutes. They are safe and reliable with capable customer supports. Each dating site has its unique features, and you can enjoy them by upgrading to premium membership.

Loveaholics logo
4 /5 is a 4.0 stars site commonly used in the US, Japan, and Spain for adults between the ages of 26 to 36. It is home to all kinds of sexual desire.

It has no mobile applications, but its website is easy to navigate. offers 3 days trial VIP membership at $3.15. Other plans are 1 month at $41.40, 6 months at $69.30, and 12 months at $111.60. It is free to use and has popular features.

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5 /5 is a 5 stars site that is used by singles to find long-term or short-term relationships. It has mobile applications for its Apple and Android users.

The site houses some common features like Flirtcast, Like Gallery, “Who Liked Me” and Safe Mode. You can explore the 3 days trial premium membership for $2.97, and other price plans are 1 month at $36.41, 3 months at $61.24, and 6 months at $98.99. It’s easy to use and free to join.

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4 /5 is a flirt and hookup-cultured dating site. It does not have any mobile application, but the website is well-designed to fit into any display resolution.

A new member can upgrade to a premium membership to enjoy full access to the site. You can pay $4.47 for the 3-day trial version, $34.99 for 1a -month plan, and for 3 months plan you pay $19.99 per month, and 6 months at $45.97. is a 4-star site with nice features.

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5 /5 is a popular 5-stars dating site. Anybody above the age of 18 can use it. encourages hookup-culture, and it’s perfect for 30 years old singles looking for fun.

The premium memberships give you full access to features like Flirtcast, “Who-Liked-Me,” and “Request More Info.” And the plan includes a day trial at $0.99, a week plan at $7, a monthly plan at $36.41, 3 months plan at $61.24, and 6 months at $98.99.

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4 /5 challenges singles with crazy sexual fantasy and is home to singles that love hookup, flirt, and fetish.

It is a 4-stars site that gives users 5 free messages when they sign up. It offers special features like Winks, Match (Hot or Not), and Safe Mode. You can upgrade to a premium membership to have full access to the site. The price plans include $36.41 for a month, $61.24 for 3 months, and 6 months at $98.99.

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How to Select the Best Dating Sites for the 30s

You must choose the best dating site to enjoy your online dating journey. And these are some factors to confirm

  • Secure and safe: your online dating journey could turn into your nightmare if your dating site is not safe and secure. Your credit and personal information can be stolen, leaving you in tears and regrets.
  • Used by singles in their 30s: As a 30+, you would want to find a dating site where you can meet people within the same age group, preference, sexual desires, and hobbies.
  • Reliable: the dating site must be able to provide its users with reliable features and functionalities. It should guarantee 100 percent satisfaction with everything down to its customer support.
  • Affordable: you don’t need any extra bills that would damage your budget. You have to select a site that you can afford.

How Dating sites Connect Singles in Their 30s

You can always find a compatible partner no matter your age; at least, that is what dating sites have solved. With dating sites, anybody with any sexual or relationship desires can find a compatible partner with ease. A 30-year-old single can sign up with his/her email, age, location, and gender. After that, he/she completes her profile, and that’s all. With the personal information, they submitted the matchmaking algorithm that suggests them with another compatible member. One can easily find a match by searching or stroll through the members’ page or gallery.

Signing Up

Joining a dating is very simple and fast. Some sites require only email, location, gender, age, and sexual orientation. On some sites, you can join via email, Facebook, or Google account. And once you sign up a verification code or link would be sent to you. After verification, you would be prompt to complete your profile. For the profile, you would be asked to state a little about yourself, upload a video or photo, and state your sexual preference and orientation.


Messaging is a must for dating sites, and if they can provide you with a technical issue-free message feature. Don’t bother signing up. Message feature can be free or fee-based, and its uses varies from site to site. Many dating sites support other forms of messaging, such as Flirtcast and Winks. You can send and receive photos and videos. Some sites allow you to make video and audio calls through the chat feature.

Identifying a Legit Dating for Singles in their 30s

With many dating sites popping out every day on the internet, one has to be careful not to fall victim to the wicked scheme. Identifying a legit site is easy if you have these factors in mind:

  • Security measures: you can identify a fake dating site by its URL. If the site doesn’t have the “HTTPS” extension, it means the site wants your personal and credit card information stolen.
  • Popularity: if the dating sites for the 30s you are planning on joining are not popular. Then they may want to remain unknown so they could continue with their wicked scheme.
  • Known operators: A dating site that hides everything about them is suspicious. If they can’t tell, who found the site or where the head office is located, or even a working phone number to reach them.

Advantages of Dating Sites for the 30s

Dating sites have solved a lot of challenges facing singles in their 30s, and they include

  • Faster: with dating sites, a 30-year-old single can find a perfect match, and it doesn’t matter if they are extremely busy with work or if they are a single parent. They can find a perfect match on dating sites faster than any other dating platform.
  • Cheaper and saves time: dating sites are the cheapest dating platform on earth. And it saves its users a lot of time. You don’t have to transport yourself anywhere when all you need is your phone.

Disadvantages of Dating Sites for the 30s

The cons of dating sites have caused many damages in some people’s life. Many are skeptical about joining a dating site due to the following reasons

  • Fear of being scammed: scammers can use dating sites, and people have fell victims. They would pretend to be someone else and pretend to love you. And then, they steal your credit card information.
  • Fear of being kidnapped: people are scared of dating sites because people can be wicked. You find a nice and sweet partner, and then you decide to meet in-person, but they could be a kidnapper.
How to Chat?

Find the message icon on the person's profile, click on nit and send your message.

Picking up a 30s Girl on Dating Sites?

Learn to flirt and be nice. Or you can use the flirtcast if it’s available.

How to Date Younger Singles?

Search for younger singles on the advanced search tool with their age.