Best Dating Sites for Single Parents

Single parents can connect with potential partners online without putting in too much time and money. And they are dating sites online that have proven to be a perfect fit for single parents. It has connected many singles, and they have carried on with their lives. Anyone above the age of 18 can use these dating sites.

You can find straight, gays or lesbians, single parents within close distance using these platforms, and you don’t even have to leave your bedroom. There also have features designed to make your online dating journey easy for you. Whatever your desires are? You can always find a compatible partner as a single partner with ease.

Momsgetnaughty logo
4 /5 is a 4-stars dating site dedicated to connecting single moms of all ages with dirty sexual desires.

More than 2 million users are dominated by single men looking for a hot mom. It has no mobile applications but works well on mobile browsers. It’s free to join, but full access requires payment. The price plans are $0.99 for 1-day, $7 for a week, 1 month at $28.80, and 3 months for $48.60.

Iwantu logo
5 /5 is a 5-stars adult community where singles can link up for long-term or short-term relationships. Straight, gay and lesbian singles use it.

A single parent can be easily connected to cute singles within her location. doesn’t have any mobile application but with your smartphone, you can join for free. The premium membership prices include $3.18 for a 3-day trial, $24.49 for a month and $41.97 for 3 months, and $67.14.

Seekmeetdate logo
3 /5 is one of the top 3-star dating sites that single parents can use to find a perfect date.

It is perfect for long or short-term relationships. is not available on Android or the Apple store. And to enjoy full access to the site, users must upgrade. The price plans are a 3-day trial at $4.47, a month at $34.99, and 3 months at $59.96, and for 6 months, it is $95.64.

Wildspank logo
4 /5

Wildspank is 4 years old and has been used by straight, gay and lesbian singles to find their perfect match for long-term and short-term relationships.

The website design is responsive and supports features such as Liked Gallery, Add to favorites, and Safe mode. There are no mobile applications for now. Premium membership plan for this 3.7-star site includes a-day trial for 99cents, $7 for a week and $45 for 1 month, and $48.6 for 6 months.

Freesexmatch logo
4 /5 is where single parents can find hookups with ease. It is open to various sexual orientations and can link up singles within the same location.

The website is responsive and supports the Flirtcast and Like Gallery features. No mobile application is available as of now. It offers a 3-day trial at $1, a 1-month plan at $32.4, 3 months at $70.2, and 6 months at $88.2. The 4 stars site is free to join and easy to use.

Top dating sites

How to Determine the Best Dating Sites for Single-Parents?

There are tons of dating websites that single parents are highly welcomed and appreciated. And there are couples of sites targeted at single parents to scam them. Here are factors in selecting the best dating sites to join:

  • It welcomes single parents: you must verify that the websites and users welcome single parents. Some sites welcome younger adults, and it would be hard to find a compatible partner that would love you as a single parent.
  • It is secure: the dating site should be secure and safe at all times. Verify they are using a legit and secure payment gateway. And that they put in the effort to block fake profiles and catfish accounts.
  • Popular among single-parent lovers: Not every single wants a single partner as a better half. So, the dating sites you are joining most be common among single parents and single that fancies them.

How do Single Parents Dating Sites Works?

Single-parent dating sites work like every other dating site. Its job is to connect you with a compatible partner. It works by providing you with amazing features such as “Hot or Not,” search, and Flirtcast to help you find a perfect match. It also uses personal information submitted to match and suggest singles that might be a perfect match. It uses your location to link you with other singles that are within your location. So, be sure to fill in your real details and sexual desires.

Signing up

Joining these dating sites can be done either by your email address, phone number, or social media accounts. Signing up is free and would take less than 2 minutes after you complete the registration and verify your email or phone number. You have to create your profile. Here is where you upload your best recent pictures and submit personal details about you and what you want to achieve using the dating site. Don’t be afraid to get naughty because there sites like can satisfy your fetish and kinky desires.


The chat feature of dating sites could be either a paid or free service. Some dating sites allow users to send a limited amount of free messages, while some allow free messaging for a gender. Other chat features can help you contact or start a conversation with another user. Features such as Winks and Flirtcast are common among dating sites, and they help start a conversation. You can also make contact by clicking on the message icon close to the user's profile you are interested in.

How to identify a legit Dating Site that Single Parents can Use?

Anybody with a little knowledge of programming can design a dating site and use it for selfish reasons. Joining a legit dating site requires you to pay attention to little details, and they include:

  • Traceable operators and owners: this factor is ignored by most people when they join a dating site. You must know who is behind the site as people can anonymously create websites and are difficult to trace. A legit dating site has the details of its operators online.
  • Protected URL: the dating site must use a protected URL extension. Don’t join the site if it is not an “HTTPS” extension.
  • Common among single parents: a dating site where the users are not interested in single parents will do you no good. You have to join a single parent site, and singles won’t ignore you because you are a single parent.

Advantages of Single Parents Dating Sites

Dating sites have solved major challenges facing single parents. Here are some pros of single parents dating sites

  • Flexibility: single parents are usually busy with work or taking care of their kids and don’t have time to go on blind dates or dating events. They can now find a perfect match at their own pace.
  • Cheaper: dating sites are the cheapest dating platform; it is cheaper than going to date events or clubs and bars to find hookups.
  • More option: with dating sites, you have more options when selecting a partner and are not limited to finding a partner within people in the hall.

Disadvantages of Single Parents Sites

Dating sites did come with many disadvantages, and these cons are pushing people away from dating sites. Here a few cons

  • Scammers: most singles are afraid of dating sites because of scammers. They fear they will fall in love with a person that doesn’t exist and lose their money.
  • Different desires: single parents have a hard time finding a compatible partner who loves them and cares for their kids.
How to start contacting people?

There a few methods like Flirtcast, and Winks to help start a conversation.

How to find a Perfect Match?

State your desires and what you want in a partner on your profile.

How to date a single parent?

Plan a date when they are free and care for their kids as well.