December 23, 2017

What Older women want with younger men: A conversation with a self-described cougar who would seduce me

Over the years I have had several experiences with women that were a little older than me and I thought about writing some of these down since I have gotten many questions relating to this topic recently. I have had many relationships such as these over the years, the first being a several month fling […]

Dating Tips For Men: Do Women Really Like Jerks? – by Elliott Gordon

Premiere Of 20th Century Fox's "Marley & Me" - Arrivals

This is a guest article by Elliott Gordonof Authentic Online Dating Tips For Men and a graduate of Michael’s Become That Guy coaching program.  Have you ever noticed that many of the things women complain about in men the exact things that cause them to be attracted to men?  •  Not always returning calls: “Does he really like me […]

Text Messaging for dating: 7 tips to be playful and engaging

The following article about text messages comes from an excerpt from my book Become That Guy: Become Irresistibly Attractive and also covers principles that are demonstrated in my field reports and in my seminar on text messaging. Why should you use text messages? Since it can often be hard to reach someone on the phone, […]

It’s a game of give and take

  It’s a game of give and take – give someone the opportunity to give so they can get to like you Perhaps you have heard the song “You Can’t Hurry Love”  originally by The Supremes.  “It’s a game of give and take.” I wondered. A dilemma in dating and in life is that often […]

Relationships: Keeping the Girl, if She’s Really a keeper


Oftentimes I have been asked. Now that I’ve “gotten the girl,” how do I “keep her?” I think a better question to ask isn’t how you keep her, but how do you maintain a healthy satisfying relationship that’s giving you and the other person what you currently want and need. No matter what promises or […]

No Strings Attached: How to Have Friends With Benefits Relationships

No Strings Attached

One question I have often been asked is how to develop “no strings attached”  or “friends with benefits” relationships and how to maintain them over time. Oftentimes it is hard to keep the relationship primarily sexual without one or both parties (or more in some cases) getting emotionally involved. Often it turns into a sexually […]

Take her home, she won’t be fooled by excuses


One thing that gets in the way of success for many guys is a limiting belief that women don’t really like sex that much or somehow have to be bribed or talked into it.  This message has been reinforced in pop culture many times over, and it is understandable how a man could think that […]

What do women want? It’s not that different from what men want


If you listen enough to the media and some people Society men and women are very different in how they think and what they look for. While books like Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus make some useful points, oftentimes our media and individuals focus on the differences between men and women more […]

3 Reasons Why You Get and Stay “Stuck”


Why do people stay stuck in spite of a stated desire to achieve a certain goal? Here are a few reasons I have found when people keep getting stuck on the same sticking points. These reasons apply not just to relationships with women, but to all kinds of bad habits or unproductive behaviors and beliefs. […]

Are you waiting to be "good" with women before Attempting to Meet Any?

One common concern I have gotten from guys who are working to have more power and choice in their interactions with women is that they don’t think they are “ready” to meet women yet. Or they keep opening or attempting to learn “the skills” without continuing to escalate the interaction toward what they want. This […]