December 19, 2017

Here are some coaching programs to develop your dating and pickup artist skills.

Coaching Programs

Private One-on-One phone coaching

In over 11 years of experience with the Pickup Artist and Dating Advice community I have seen many people that are stuck, but didn’t know how to get past their sticking points. I have also seen many men that were stuck for reasons they were unaware of. Oftentimes they would stay stuck and end up wasting lots of time not because of the mistakes that they know they are making but because of the mistakes they do NOT know they are making. This can be made worse by inaccurate advice from popular culture, well meaning friends or online dating forums. Don’t let this happen to you. Sometimes there is simply no substitute for having a private conversation one-on-one.

Infield Coaching

No matter how much you learn through books, audio, video and seminars it doesn’t really matter unless you can take what you have learned and use. With Michael’s infield coaching you can take what you have learned in theory and apply it to get immediate results in the real world. Locations include bars, book stores, coffee shops, outdoor festivals and more. Even the most self aware individual is going to miss a few things relating to your body posture mannerisms and movement. Even if you can find a person who is pretty good to be your wingman they are also going to want to do their own things some of the time as well. An experienced observer can really help you to dramatically improve your learning curve.

Comprehensive Dating Coaching Program in Washington, DC

The Comprehensive Coaching program includes everything you need to achieve your goals with women. This includes a combination of seminars to build your skills, infield coaching, one-on-one phone calls, and specific advice and coaching when communicating by phone or text or when you have a question about one woman or relationship.