December 19, 2017

Infield Coaching

Infield Coaching

(available in the Washington, DC area separately and as part of comprehensive coaching program) matter how much you learn through books, audio, video and seminars it doesn’t really matter unless you can take what you have learned and use.  With Michael’s infield coaching you can take what you have learned in theory and apply it to get immediate results in the real world. Locations include bars, book stores, coffee shops, outdoor festivals and more.

Even the most self aware individual is going to miss a few things relating to your body posture mannerisms and movement.  Even if you can find a person who is pretty good to be your wingman they are also going to want to do their own things some of the time as well. An experienced observer can really help you to dramatically improve your learning curve.

Michael will be at your side or discretely nearby to demonstrates what to do, challenges you to move past your comfort zone and provides immediate feedback in live interactions with women.  With over 11 years of experience with the “pickup artist” and dating education communities Michael has seen it all and can give you the edge to rapidly accelerate your learning curve and achieve your goals.

Here are some things that people are saying:

The great things I got out of infield coaching  was how easily Michael was able to initiate with good energy and simple conversation. One of my sticking points was trying to over think of complicated ways to get conversations started. I mirrored his style and found great results on opening.


I got the most learning in field by watching Michael open and get into patterns. This way I could mirror the concepts myself and rapidly learn them.

Overall Michael is very focused on the student and makes himself available beyond what is initially designated. – P.N. IT Sales Professional Washington, DC

I was a 22 year old virgin, graduate student who had tried other coaching programs and self study for almost a year. Infield Michael  goes right out there with you, at your side or discretely watching you in action as you apply what he teaches to meet women.  He will demonstrate what he teaches on real people right in front of you at bars and even right on the street. While I was being coached by Michael I lost my virginity to an attractive woman who I get along with great. It wasn’t my original plan but we have now been seeing each other for over 9 months. – Sean A. Washington, DC


AMAZING wing. And you better believe he gets the girl. It’s a walk in the park for this guy. – Faz, Washington, DC

Michael has a passion for the subject and is an ego-less Guru of pickup, he has a quick mind and is a cool guy to boot. – Zengame, Washington, DC

“I didn’t feel the need to desperately find a way to grab and hold her attention, it just happened”

Now, you all wanted the full story. You all wanted to know how I did it. Pay attention. Here it is:

It all started at QuickKill’s seminar. I was already vaguely familiar with NLP, since I had read Ross Jefferies’ speed seduction years ago, but I never felt I understood the techniques quite enough for them to be useful. However, Quickkill took my mind outside of the equivocated-sounding theoretical textbook side of NLP by simply being more to the point – and much more concise and pragmatic. That’s what my mind responds to best.

In any case, I only really remembered a few key techniques: eliciting and anchoring positive energy, state-matching and mirroring, and tossing away bad energy.

That’s basically all I could remember, but it was all I needed. After the seminar we all end up on the 2nd and 3rd floor of this bar in Adam’s Morgan called Reef. There I spot this cute girl in a 2 set and open by saying, “you guys look like you’re having more fun than anyone else here.” As usual It hooked. From here, I’d normally have all kinds of issues holding the conversation, holding the girl’s attention, and carrying over to any kind of sexual tension. With the knowledge I gained from Quickkill’s seminar, I didn’t feel the need to desperately find a way to grab and hold her attention, it just happened. It was all smooth sailing.

Soon after my opener, Quickkill enters the set and games the other girl. I’ve never had such a solid wing in night game.

After introducing him to the set, I bring my attention to my target. I did a few cold reads to elicit personal information — for example, I found out she went to culinary school and loved great food. I then used this info to ask her about any details, thereby eliciting from her positive life experiences (in her case, cooking delicious food).

And No, she wasn’t fat at all — rather tall and thin.

To make a long story short, we ended up having a lengthy 35 minute conversation filled with sexual innuendos. Before this seminar, I couldn’t imagine keeping a woman so enthralled in a conversation without some elaborate routine or conversational game plan. In this case however, I didn’t use any routines beyond the opener itself, I just connected with her by repeating a few, very simple techniques.

They decided they want drinks and went to the bar for a few minutes. I started thinking I went wrong somewhere, was it over? What happened, why would they want to leave us for booze if they were enjoying our company so much? These thoughts faded when I saw the optimism on Quickkill’s face. Quickkill and I stole their seats and chatted for a bit. Not long after, they came back, and with drinks for us. They bought us drinks!

We all down our drinks and then Quickkill starts making out with the other girl. I’m still talking to my target, when I realize that she needs to sit down, on my lap. I just tell her to come close so I can hear her better, and I physically lead her into my lap. After a few more minutes of conversation, my face is well within kissing range, so i go for it. And that’s it, make out!

Remember noobs: getting within 2 inches of her face after Kino is your permission slip to go for the kiss. Even after I learned this, it took me a while to follow through.

It was like a switch in her head was flipped. She became aggressive, putting her tongue in my mouth on the first kiss. This went on over and over and over again for another 25 minutes, with lots of tongue on her part…

Quickkill already has the other girl’s number. I didn’t even ask my target for her number, she just suggests I get her number out of the blue. It was another WTF moment for me. I’ve never been number closed by a cute girl. Then again, I’ve never even gotten a kiss-close from a girl I just met, much less a steamy make-out…

Field Report July 18, 2009


Here are some benefits of “infield” coaching with Michael

  • Learn how to work different environments and be comfortable in them. Also identify the kinds of situations and locations that best suit your personality and that of the kind of women you would like to meet.
  • This includes more than just clubs and bars, but also locations like malls, book stores and outdoor festivals during the day.
  • Learn through observation as Michael talks to women and engages individuals and groups.  Then jump in and continue where he left off or integrate what you have seen into your own behavior for immediate results.
  • Identify signals or cues that you may have missed from a woman including indications that she was more or less interested than you may have thought.
  • Dramatically accelerate your learning curve, when you get immediate feedback and advice from an expert. When you know right away you can immediately correct what you are doing wrong and reinforce what they are doing right.
  • In group settings get better at working with a wingman or help you to better lead a group of people.  Oftentimes it can be hard enough for you to be aware of yourself and one other person.  This outside perspective is something that you might not otherwise get.