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Local dating sites are a unique approach to online dating. Traditionally, online dating uses an algorithm to match singles based on similar interests, ages, relationship goals, and sexual preference. Local dating sites offer all the tools of traditional online dating, with the added advantage of also being able to meet people based on your current location – even when you’re on the go or constantly traveling.

Whether you’re looking for true love and a long-term relationship or lust and a casual fling – being able to meet people who live locally to you to make it work is essential. That’s what makes local dating sites so popular – especially in an age when travel is so easy, and an increasing number of young people are moving towards remote working and enjoying nomadic lifestyles, changing location a lot more often than our parents and grandparents might have done.

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5 /5 offers an active community with over 500,000 members in the USA. The dating site is one of the only sites available with more female accounts than males, and most of the communication on the site happens through messaging.

Premium membership on the site costs 99c for one day or $16 per month, based on a three-month membership.

Experts’ Opinion: refreshing change to see more women than men on a dating site, the site is easy to use on both mobile and desktop.

OneNightFriend logo
5 /5 offers around 550,000 active accounts in the USA and most popular with young singles between 25 and 35 years of age.

There are three times as many men than women on the site, and there is no option for couples to meet other singles on the site. Premium membership on the site costs between $17 and 39 dollars per month, depending on how long you choose to sign up.

Experts’ Opinion: the dating site is expensive compared to others, especially when you consider the male to female ratio – however, the site works well and is easy to use.

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4 /5 is a traditional dating site that focuses on matching singles for a profound or meaningful connection and long-term relationships.

However, this doesn’t mean to say it’s impossible to find casual flings on the site. The majority of the site users are over 25, and there are more men than women. Premium membership costs between 99c per day and $16 per month, depending on how long you sign up.

Experts’ Opinion: easy to use the site, but the lack of an app is disappointing – that said, the mobile site works well enough.

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4 /5 uses gender, ages, and online now as their basic search criteria to find a match; searches can then be further extended using more specialized criteria to meet your match.

There is no mobile app. However, the site works on mobile and a desktop and offers live chat and a function to report spam profiles. A one-day trial on the site costs 99c well as a trial month is only $30 or a three-month trial at $60 for the three months.

Experts’ Opinion: the site functions well and is simple for even those not comfortable with technology.

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3 /5

Unlike many local dating sites, doesn’t offer any chat rooms to meet people in a natural atmosphere – instead, members are required to wink, favorite, or directly message other members.

There is no messaging available from free accounts. However, premium memberships open the whole site to members. The website is well designed and easy to use and premium membership costs between 54c and 1 dollar a day, depending on how long you choose to sign up.

Experts’ Opinion: a fun approach to online dating with an easy-to-use site aimed at younger members.

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Online Dating: Choosing the Best Local Dating Sites

When it comes to choosing online dating sites, it can be overwhelming knowing which of the sites to choose from and which will work best for you. Thankfully, you’ve already narrowed your search for the best dating site hugely by choosing a local dating site rather than a global or generic site.

There is no one best local dating site, as everyone is looking for something different in a relationship or a partner and in their method for meeting people. While most local dating sites are similar, they aren’t all the same.

Some dating sites and apps focus on looks, with swiping style functions that encourage you to make an instant decision based on one photo. Others use extensive questionnaires to match you with your most compatible partner and encourage you to reach out and say hi – only you know what you would prefer to do when looking for a date online.

Local Dating Sites: How do they Work?

Local dating sites are not too dissimilar to any other dating site or app. They offer all the same features –they help you match with local singles rather than people who live further away.

This means you will usually have a profile with basic information about yourself – such as your likes, dislikes, hobbies, and what you’re looking for in a partner – as well as a photo of yourself. Most local dating sites offer various ways to communicate with other members, whether through private or instant messaging, chatrooms or “wink” or “flirt” features where you can let other members know you’re interested without having to say anything at all.

Registration for Local Dating Sites

If you’re looking to start dating online, your first step is to register with an online dating site – whether you’re looking for love or something casual. Registration is simple and easy – no matter what local dating site you’ve decided to sign up for.

The majority of local dating sites only require your email, name, and sexual preference to register on the site. Not all, but most sites will require you to confirm or verify your email before continuing, but once that’s done, you’re completely registered on the site and able to start building your profile and meeting new people.             

Making Contact

Once you’ve registered on a local dating site and you’re ready to start meeting other single adults – where do you begin, and how do you say hi? The first time you reach out to a stranger online, even if you matched with them first, can be nerve-wracking – but it gets easier with time, and most apps have a variety of different ways you can reach out and say hi – from instant and private messages to communal chatrooms with multiple people just waiting to say hi back. If you’re unsure about being the first to send a message, try sending a wink or a flirt cast instead.

Are All Local Dating Sites Legit?

Like all dating sites (and most things online) not everything you find will be legit and safe. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of online dating, there is a huge market for both scam sites (taking money and only offering bot matches) and individuals themselves who can use dating sites and unsuspecting members to trick them into sending money or paying for things on their behalf.

Luckily, these scams are so common they’re easy to spot. When it comes to sites themselves, check out recent reviews – like the reviews on our sites – to see what the experts and statistics have to say for themselves. If you’re worried about a suspect member or a bot account, their messages are very generic and use the same pet names and chat up lines – rather than your name or a reference to something on your profile.

The majority of sites are legit and safe to use, and those that aren’t are easily spotted.

Pros of Local Dating Sites

There are various advantages to choosing local dating sites to help you on your online dating journey – whether you’re looking for something casual or something long-term and serious. Some of the biggest pros of local dating sites are the following:

  • Only meet local matches (more likely to meet in person)
  • Change location as you travel (perfect for those of you who don’t stay in one place)
  • Easy to use on the go (accessible from your phone or computer, wherever you are in the world)
  • Fast way to meet new people.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to be more confident.
  • Focus on personality and conversation overlooks.

Cons of Local Dating Sites

There are many pros to using local dating sites to find love. However, it doesn’t come without it’s disadvantages too – like with anything in life. If you’re thinking about online dating and worried about the cons, this list will give you a good idea of the disadvantages of local online dating.

  • You’ll likely see people you know.
  • You’ll probably have to pay to contact other people on the app.
  • There is no second chance at a first impression – if they don’t like you back, you won’t match or be able to say hi.
  • Dating apps can be more popular for casual relationships rather than serious or long-term love.
How do you start a conversation on an online dating site?

Open the messaging system and say hi – if you don’t feel confident to do so, send a wink instead.

What’s the best way to meet a local girl?

Dating sites that allow you to search based on your location are a great way to meet local girls.

Finding a date with local singles?

Sign up for a local dating site or app, and start speaking with local singles.