Best Serious Dating Sites

Most people want to find the right partner to share their life with or plan to live together in the future, but they often end up with those who are not serious about dating. According to us, it is better to specify what you're looking for in a relationship before you indulge yourself in one. Therefore, we have combined a list of the best serious dating sites so that you will not waste your time on other dating sites that don't offer what you're looking for.

There are plenty of good dating sites in this list that you can refer to if you want to make new friends, try casual dating, find people with similar interests as you, or find the perfect partner for an online relationship. We have incorporated features like; who uses the sites, the site’s uniqueness, prices, and the kind of relationships. Read on and see which one suits your needs perfectly.

Flirt logo
5 /5 is where you come to flirt and look for fun. It's mostly for young adults though young members come here to look for serious relationships.

Women can join for free, but men pay extra if they want to use services like email. Some of its features include; message boards, chat rooms, videos, member diaries, and speed dating and live events. You can use your Android phone to access the site though it doesn't have an App yet. Charges range from $27.99 monthly to $83.94 and would rate it at 5 stars.

Clickandflirt logo
4 /5 is for single people who want to chat and have fun online. Here, you can easily find locals who want to have a good time.

The site has many features that help you decide who you want to meet, and it's so easy to sign up. doesn't have an App when you can use your android phone and iOS to access the website. The site charges you to access valuable features, and the cost is $ 27.99 for one month, $62.97 for three months, and $83.94 for six months. We would recommend this site for people who are only looking to have fun and have new experiences, and for that, we give it a 4-star.

Uniformdating logo
5 /5 is among serious dating sites for uniformed men and women or people who admire them and search for dates online.

. You can download their dating app from App Store and use it everywhere from your phone. It has many functionalities that are easy to use. The costs for using this site are; $0.99 for a day, $ 7.00 for a week, $31 for a month, and $22.63 for three months. The site has over two million uninformed users, and we give it a 5-star.

Bromodates logo
5 /5 is an exclusively gay dating site. It is where you register to view gay guys in action. The site is for men having group sex, nasty fetishes, and rough action.

You can download the App on your Android or IOS to view videos, and downloads will cost you $14.99 more of the cost. The actual costs are $1 for two days’ trial, $24.99 for one month, $49.99 after 90 days, and $99.99 for a year. The site produces quality gay content and deserves a 5-star.

Loveaholics logo
4 /5 is a casual dating site where people come to flirt. The site has profiles without photos and videos, and there's a feature that enables you to remove them.

Full members can chat and message without limit and exchange photos and videos. The costs include $1 for a three-day trial, $ 29.99 per month, $65.97 for three months, and $81.12 for six months. This dating site doesn't have an App and but is accessible via an Android phone. We would give this site a 4-star because it always has new members and many active users.

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Choosing the Best Serious Dating Sites to Find Love

If you're looking for serious dating sites as a beginner, find mainstream dating sites instead of specialized ones. Mainstream sites have plenty of members, and it's easy to find high-quality and attractive women. Avoid sites where you have to fill a long questionnaire before you start using it. Also, don't go for sites that don't allow you to search for women that match your search. Look for sites that allow you to search for who you want to date by yourself. Go for sites that have good results through positive ratings, and even if they may have a limited number of users, they may have impeccable results. Don't pay for sites that you're not sure will deliver according to your expectations before you give it a try, like a three-day trial.

How Serious Dating Sites Function

Serious dating sites give you a one three- day's trial at a small fee before you decide to register fully. You have to verify your email during registration and provide some clear and attractive photos of yourself. They allow you to create a profile and choose your ideal match by yourself. You can see all the activities of users on serious sites and when they logged in lastly. They ask you for every important detail, and you have to answer them before you can access the site.

Registering in a Legit Dating Site

To register, you need to provide information on things such as name, date of birth, location, gender, preferences, religion, ethnicity, and others. You then have to create your profile by stating what you’re looking for and add your photos. You’ll also include information about yourself then answer some Yes or No questions. You'll also have to include your email address and password. You'll have to select three users you like, then you'll be presented by matches from your region, and you can start using the site.

How to Start Chatting and Get a Date Online

To start chatting, you need to be creative with your questions and don't ask very personal questions. Be relaxed and think many questions ahead to create a good flow. Start a conversation with a good phrase instead of a simple hello or hi. Always be yourself and ask questions is geared towards a common interest. Do a follow-up if the other person doesn't respond to your messages. Ask questions that will make the member want to answer immediately. In case it doesn't go well, change the subject and continue to chat. Do not delay with the answer to keep the conversation more interesting and maintain the flow.

How do I Know if Serious Dating Sites are Legit

Serious dating sites have plenty of features that stand out when one is using them. The site team makes sure that all member's information is kept safe and secure and that there are no many fake profiles. They allow users to report any scam alerts or rude users.

If you log in to a site and start receiving attention or messages, immediately know that it is not a legit site. Sites that have many incomplete member profiles may not be genuine ones. Also, watch out for sites where most users on the site have celebrity-like photos as they may not be real.

Another red flag to watch out for is members who get emotional over petty things. If you come across members who claim to have seen you before, watch out for such sites as the users may be on a different plan.

Pros of Serious Dating Sites

  • You can get many potential partners by registering to serious dating sites.
  • The sites have software that connects you with profiles that match yours.
  • It is easy to communicate online and get real dates for long-term relationships.
  • Serious sites don’t have so many scammers.
  • You can meet people and decide if you want to date them or not.
  • You’ll meet people who you may not have met with traditional dating.
  • Introverts and shy people can easily find love more comfortably.
  • People who are busy and don't have time to date can go online and can have a chance to find a satisfying relationship.

h3 Cons of Serious Dating Sites

  • Some sites have fake user profiles who pretend to be what they are not and ask people for money.
  • There's a risk of connecting with someone who lives far, and you may end up not meeting in person ever.
  • You don’t get the satisfaction of physical attraction or intimacy while dating online.
  • Sometimes you may get ghosted or rejected, which is common with online dating. It is better to be open-minded and flirt with many people to avoid disappointments.
  • Even on serious dating sites, most people lie about age, income, height, body weight, and more.
How to start chatting?

Look for a pickup line that will make them want to respond.

How to pick up a soulmate on serious dating sites?

Check their profiles and see if it matches what you’re looking for. If yes, proceed.

How to date with singles?

Exchange messages with singles you like, then ask them for a date after knowing them better.