The Five Most Doomed Relationship Dynamics

Relationship Dynamics
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In the early, heady days of blossoming intimacy, it is easy to ignore dating traits that you know aren't quite perfect - but it'll all straighten itself out in time, right?

The problem with dating singles is that it doesn't. It's essential to protect yourself from investing time and emotional energy in a relationship that will not be successful in the long-term.

Here we'll explore the five worst dating dynamics - and why if you find yourself in this kind of scenario, it's best to walk (quickly!) away.

Trying To Tie Down a Dating Partner

This situation can be hurtful, and while there is nothing wrong with wanting hookups, casual dates, or something more committed, you have to be on the right page to avoid the inevitable heartache.

In the worst-case scenario, one partner falls hard for the other, and their feelings aren't reciprocated - and even if your sexual chemistry is on point, you must be honest if you don't want that intimacy to develop into a more emotional connection.

Looking for a Bad Boy or Girl

It's an age-old cliché, but one that still rings true in modern dating! Typically, a woman meets a guy who is a self-professed player, is open about the fact he's just there for the sex and spends his free time doing things you'd not be proud to talk about with your parents.

And yet, there is the temptation to find a way to entice him to leave his wild ways behind, realize you are the ideal woman for him and have the quiet knowledge that you were the only person with the keys to his heart.

Reality check - it doesn't work.

People who want to play the field, have fun, and sleep around have every right to do so - and they're massively unlikely to have a sudden personality transplant because they started dating someone new!

Dating People Who Remind You of Your Parents

Being protected, looked after, and secure is often something we desire. A partner who will prop us up when we're down, always has our back, and is a safety net against the world is a precious thing.

However, it is pretty important you don't fall into the trap of deciding to settle down with someone because they remind you of your parents - as comfortable as that might seem!

Here is why:

  • If you have a messy relationship with your parents, you can't repair or make up for it with a romantic partner.
  • Your dating experiences should be exciting and bring joy to your life, not be a replica of your childhood - make your own path!
  • This typical dynamic usually stems from insecurities and often means that the relationship itself is based on a foundation of comfort rather than satisfaction.

It's A-OK to seek out people who have the same great qualities you are grateful for in your family, not so much to look for partners who are the spitting image of your Mom or Dad.

Brittle Relationships with Great Make-Up Sex

Ah, another typical example of something that feels good a fraction of the time and can be lethal to our self-esteem and happiness every other minute of the day.

Fiery relationships with lots of arguing, fighting, and tantrums can seem sexy, with making up for the row sometimes being the whole point of falling out in the first place.

Unfortunately, any home that is routinely fractious and angry isn't great for your mental health or any other aspect of your relationship.

Pushiness and Persistence

Finally, it is vital never to get into that dynamic where one person is continually chasing up the other, reminding them about a date and trying to rush things to the next stage before the next partner is comfortable.

Likewise, you don't want to become that person and find yourself fighting emotional or physical distance because you feel desperate to make things work. Find someone on the same page as you, and life will instantly become a lot more harmonious.

Get started with today to find your dating nirvana!

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