Helping You Identify Why Are You Single?

 Why Are You Single?
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It's normal to think being single is your fault or a problem. However, the reality for most singles is that they are perfectly valid, wonderful people who would make an exceptional relationship partner!

The trick isn't to work out what you need to change about yourself but to consider how you can improve your chances of meeting eligible dating partners.

Here we'll work through the top 10 reasons you might be single - and the actions you can take to help you find your ideal dates!

You Haven't Met the Right Person Yet

The simplest answer is usually the right one! If you're single and don't know why, it's very likely because you have yet to meet a dating partner who is worthy of your time, energy, and attention.

Being single isn't a negative, and there isn't a time by which you need to be happily married.

Safeguarding your boundaries is more important than dating people who you know aren't right for you.

You Aren't Being Proactive About Finding Romance

Next up, it's essential to recognize that an attractive, eligible, like-minded guy or girl isn't going to randomly arrive at your front door while you're lounging in your sweats watching Netflix.

If you are serious about wanting to start dating and giving love a chance, you need to go out there and get it. Be sociable, join online dating sites, make an effort to follow up on matchmaking suggestions, and invest some effort into making things happen.

You Feel Pressured to Settle Down

Another common reason is that you feel pressure from family or peers to find a long-term dating partner. If you are comfortable with life and don't feel like you are at the right stage to settle down, there is no reason to rush into bad relationships.

You're Dating The Wrong People

Of course, if you are dating bad boys for the thrill, it's never going to be a relationship that lasts forever!

Be realistic about what sort of person you want to be with, and decide whether you're willing to sacrifice the thrill for authenticity.

You're Rushing Into Relationships

We rush it for so many reasons - the honeymoon period means singles spend as much time as possible together and might start declaring their undying love after a few days!

The problem here is that genuine relationships take time to build up trust, get to know each other, and establish boundaries.

You Don't Recognise Your Value

Just because you're single right now doesn't make any difference to the value you bring to relationships! Don't write yourself off and feel like love isn't destined for you - make an effort to recognize everything you love about yourself, and apply that energy to your dating endeavors.

You Aren't Managing Your Time

It's very common to hear that people are too busy or work too many hours to date.

If you really want to find a partner, you'll find a way to manage your time and devote just a little energy to your love life, even if that's 20 minutes a day of online dating chats on your lunch break.

You're Looking in the Wrong Places

It's vital to assess the relationship values that matter to you before starting any new dating experience. Hanging around in cheesy singles bars or flicking through hookup matches on a swiping app won't get you any closer to a compatible man or woman who wants an adult relationship.

Your Social Circle is Small

Say you've dated all your friends of friends, eligible siblings, and work colleagues - it's time to find some new social circles! Take up a hobby, try a new sport or join a new club to ensure you're widening your potential dating pool.

Your Requirements Aren't Realistic

Finally, if you are dead set on meeting prince charming, you need to think about whether you are putting up walls that put off any real guys who'd love the chance to spoil you.

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