Top 10 Qualities to Look for in a Guy

Look for in a Guy
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Everyone is unique, and so the qualities one person thinks are essential in their dating life might be pretty different from the next. However, there are some attributes that are key signs that you've found a keeper.

Here we'll discover the top 10 qualities that mean you have found a really good guy!

Honesty and Openness

Yep, it's number one! We often see dating profiles that are obviously exaggerated or dating relationships that fail because of a lack of clear communication.

Guys who will be clear, open, and truthful are always more accessible to date since you will know where you stand and feel comfortable being as honest yourself.

Humour, and Self-Deprecation

Ok, so you don't want a man who will put himself down constantly or has self-esteem issues, but being able to laugh about the silly things and see where he's made a bit of a mistake is a valuable trait.

Laughter truly is the best medicine, and a guy who doesn't take himself too seriously and can see the funny side in life will be a great partner to spend time with.

Willingness to Listen

One of the worst dating traits is where a guy is only half in. He's got an eye on the clock, is always rushing to be somewhere else, spends half the time texting, or pretends to listen as a way to pay lip service to being a good boyfriend.

You do not need to put up with dating a guy who isn't willing to spend time with you and on you. If a guy can't commit to a date with all of his energy and put effort into the relationship, he's probably not the right one!

Being Able to Admit to Being Wrong

Nobody likes being the bad guy. If we made a mistake, started a row, or misinterpreted a situation, the best thing to do is apologize, recognize our error, and make amends.

Guys who can see when they made a mistake, and try to put it right, are worth their weight in gold.

Supporting You, Always

Whether a career decision, new haircut, family dilemma, or anything else, a guy who will have your back and always support your choices, even if he would have taken a different tack, is a brilliant asset and your biggest cheerleader.

Talking About His Feelings

It's common for men to feel like they have to be strong and silent - and not be able to open up when they're feeling sad, happy, angry, or excited.

Men who are emotionally intelligent and can articulate their feelings are the best dating partners since they aren't afraid to let you into their headspace.

Respect For Your Opinions

You don't have to have the exact same beliefs or personalities, and there will always be times where you have a different opinion about something.

However, a guy who respects your right to reach a different decision and that you might think about a situation in a different way is showing he values your opinions equally on a par with his own thoughts.

Caring About His Family

Whether immediate family members or a circle of friends, a guy who puts real effort and love into his relationships outside of dating makes for a great partner!

Being Happy for You

A guy who will celebrate your successes, cheer for your wins, and be a supporter when things don't go your way is a person you'll want to hang on to! Those attributes mean you can strive ahead with your ambitions, safe in the knowledge that your partner will be there every step of the way.

Sharing Your Priorities

A guy who has the same life goals, aspirations, and lifestyle as you will always be a better dating choice than someone who lives a little differently! Working together on your life plan to achieve your ambitions together makes for a harmonious relationship that is destined for success.

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